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Dan Stillman
By Dan Stillman
Dan Stillman
Dan Stillman
Dan Stillman is the Director of Marketing, Space and Government at A proven leader in meteorology, marketing, and communications, Dan is also the Co-Founder and Meteorologist at Capital Weather Gang, which was acquired by the Washington Post. He has a passion for advancing weather forecasting and environmental prediction capabilities, driving science and technology marketing strategies that generate meaningful ROI, and creating compelling storytelling content around missions that matter.
Jan 16, 2022· 3 min, 4 sec Unveils Global Weather and Climate Security Platform weather and climate security platform

Powered by its proprietary weather intelligence, the security platform offers a much-needed organizational roadmap for operational resiliency and climate adaptation.

BOSTON,, two years after pioneering the concept of weather intelligence, announced today the world’s first and only weather and climate security platform. The announcement comes amidst another record year for weather impact on countries, businesses, and individuals; the movement toward ESG regulations; and a spotlight on the global climate crisis.’s weather and climate security platform is the only software that helps teams prepare for the business impact of weather by automating decision making and enabling climate adaptation at scale. By leveraging the platform’s proprietary weather intelligence—which uses machine learning to translate the best available forecast into actionable insights—users can proactively solve for all weather- and climate-related challenges.

“Today’s weather extremes, fueled by a changing climate, require a brand new approach to making weather-related decisions. What we’ve built here at is vastly differentiated from anything else in the market,” said Shimon Elkabetz, CEO and Co-founder of “While we have built a world-class weather forecasting operation, the true magic of the platform is converting the forecast into automated business insights in advance of weather impact. That’s what enables companies to tackle weather and climate challenges at scale.”

The platform combines more than 30 weather and environmental parameters, high-resolution modeling, customer workflows and user-specific datasets to continuously monitor for impactful weather and generate actionable recommendations for any use case. The platform empowers users to make quick and educated decisions using a comprehensive all-in-one view of customer locations, real-time and forecast weather conditions, and actionable insights. 

Coming out of the COP26 Conference in Glasgow earlier this month, it’s clear that while important efforts are being made globally to improve long-term climate conditions, we are already seeing unprecedented flooding, hurricanes, wildfires and other environmental extremes wreak havoc on everyday life. To mitigate the impacts of climate change happening now, every individual, business, and country must embrace climate adaptation for the foreseeable future.

New climate security features include a flood index that identifies the risk of flooding up to five days in advance anywhere in the world, the addition of almost 12,000 weather stations to improve weather and air quality forecasts globally, and ESG dashboards that allow organizations to identify climate risks, ensure compliance and improve employee wellbeing. 

Currently, the same parts of the world that suffer from the poorest weather data coverage and least reliable forecasts are also the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.’s satellite constellation, with initial launches planned for late 2022, will provide the first-ever global precipitation dataset updated hourly, enabling improved forecasts globally to help organizations tackle weather and climate security challenges.

“With our ever-changing global climate and daily weather volatility impacting everything from air quality to power grids to the supply chain, organizations need to focus on protecting their assets, customers and employees,” said Aviad Shnaiderman, CEO and Co-founder of Aura Air. “Weather is a manifestation of climate today and the absolute best way for businesses and countries to enhance their climate resiliency and ensure a more secure future is with”

About is The World’s Weather and Climate Security Platform, helping countries, businesses, and individuals manage their weather and climate security challenges. Fully customizable to any industry impacted by the weather, customers around the world including Uber, Delta, Ford, National Grid, and more use to dramatically improve operational efficiency. was built from the ground up to help teams prepare for the business impact of weather by automating decision-making and enabling climate adaptation at scale.

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