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Multi-Sensor Weather Satellite Constellation

To improve global forecasting capabilities, we are launching a first-of-its-kind, commercial weather satellite constellation equipped with radars and microwave sounders.

Our space program will democratize access to global weather forecasting and enable organizations to prepare for and mitigate the business impact of weather.

In Numbers
0 %
Share of global population that currently lives outside weather radar coverage.
0 X
Improvement in average revisit rate of active radars from space, from 3 days to 1 hour.
0 %
Reduction in both size and cost from existing active scanning radars.

Radars and Microwave Sounders

Radars are active remote sensors providing detailed information about precipitation that no other sensor can see during days and nights and across all weather conditions.

Microwave sounders are passive remote sensors measuring critical atmospheric temperature and water profiles as well as proxies for precipitation data.

The Global Radar Gap

More than 70 years after radar was invented, over 5 billion people still live outside of reliable radar coverage making even the most basic forecasts a dream for the vast majority of humanity.

Our Goal

The World’s First Commercial Multi-Sensor Weather Satellite Constellation

A constellation of satellites composed of radars and microwave sounders in Low Earth Orbit

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Development and Launch Timeline Launch Timeline

Our Leadership

John Springmann, PhD

VP of Space and Sensors

Kristina Hloptsidis

VP of Operations and Regulatory
Spaceflight Inc.

James Carswell, PhD

Chief Architect
Remote Sensing Solutions

Shaun Luther headshot

Shaun Luther

Director, Space Systems Engineering
General Atomics

Richard Roy, PhD

Senior Scientist
Space and Sensors
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Our Advisory Team

All-star advisory team with deep understanding of weather and space across government, defense and academia

Kerri Cahoy, PhD

Director, MIT STAR Lab  

Co-Director, MIT Small Satellite Center

NASA and Stanford University

Steve Smith

Former NASA Astronaut and Lead Spacewalker

Director, International Space
Station US National Laboratory

Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (Ret)

Former NOAA Deputy Administrator

Former Commander, US Navy Meteorology & Oceanography Command

Marshall Shepherd, PhD

Director, UGA Atmospheric Sciences Program

Elected to National Academy of Engineering,
Former AMS President

Keith Masback US Army (Ret)

Former CEO, US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation

Former Senior Executive at NGA

Partners and Customers

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