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The World’s Leading Resilience Platform

Achieve your resilience goals and mitigate weather risk for any operational scenario.

Protect Your Business from the #1 Global Threat

  • Climate change is causing more volatile weather on a daily basis
  • Traditional forecasts fail to enable proactive decisions
  • Without a resilience strategy, organizations are vulnerable
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Power Intelligent, Automated Resilience
with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Harness global constellation data from space
  • Leverage proprietary AI/ML models
  • Uncover insights with unmatched precision
  • Activate superior decision-making immediately
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Accelerate Digital Transformation
and Meet Operating Goals

  • Eliminate manual processes with ready-to-deploy dashboards
  • Scale solutions efficiently for every industry and role
  • Achieve critical outcomes like disaster recovery, compliance, and competitive advantage
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Integrate and Adapt with the World’s Leading Weather API

 Get fast, reliable, and hyper-accurate weather data for any location in the world in easy JSON format.

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Real Time

Integrate cutting-edge, real-time weather data directly into your applications.

curl --request GET
--url ''
--header 'accept: application/json'
    "data": {
        "time": "2023-02-14T13:53:00Z",
        "values": {
        "cloudBase": null,
        "cloudCeiling": null,
        "cloudCover": 5,
        "dewPoint": -0.19,
        "freezingRainIntensity": 0,
        "humidity": 100,
        "precipitationProbability": 0,
        "pressureSurfaceLevel": 1005.56,
        "rainIntensity": 0,
        "sleetIntensity": 0,
        "snowIntensity": 0,
        "temperature": 0.31,
        "temperatureApparent": 0.31,
        "uvHealthConcern": 0,
        "uvIndex": 0,
        "visibility": 14.43,
        "weatherCode": 1000,
        "windDirection": 278.31,
        "windGust": 1.19,
        "windSpeed": 1.19
    "location": {
        "lat": 43.653480529785156,
        "lon": -79.3839340209961,
        "name": "Old Toronto, Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, Canada",
        "type": "administrative"

Customizable Insights for Every Industry


Minimize safety risks while optimizing schedules and flight paths for improved operations.



Reduce delays and keep drivers safer by knowing what to expect on every route.

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Protect crews, ensure continuous operations, and monitor all sites from one central location.



Prioritize employee and community safety with real-time monitoring and alerts.



Mitigate supply chain disruptions, optimize inventory management, and ensure resilient operations.



Improve early warning and operational decision-making across all levels of government.

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