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Tomorrow.io vs. IBM

See why companies are switching to Tomorrow.io’s cutting-edge weather intelligence for aviation, energy, financial services, supply chain, retail and public projects instead of IBM.

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The Tomorrow.io Advantage Over IBM for Aviation, Energy, Financial Services, Supply Chain and Retail



Tomorrow.io's proprietary forecasting technology allows for street-level granularity for fixed assets and dynamic routes vs. broad forecasts.



See the business impact of weather in advance vs. looking at weather data so you can update your operations plans before it’s too late.



Our predictive platform tracks 40+ parameters 24/7 for assets/routes and proactively alerts users allowing for monitoring at scale.


Fewer Shipping delays caused by weather


Reduction In wasted miles for more efficient operations


In NPS for better customer experiences

Get up and running quickly.

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Proprietary Data and Models 

Outdated weather companies mostly use and repackage public weather data. You can get the same data yourself!

Our proprietary observing, sensing, and modeling uses public and private sources allowing for hyperlocal forecasting.

Platform Monitoring vs. Humans

Most big weather companies use humans to manually track the weather and have meteorologists acting as account managers. 

Humans can’t track millions of weather details happening every second. You need an automated platform built for scale.

Insights and Recommendations

You need predictive insights showing how weather will impact your business and recommendations about what to do and when.

Key stakeholders can then be automatically alerted in advance for fixed assets, multiple locations, and moving assets.

Can IBM do all of this for you today? With Tomorrow.io, you could be up and running in just a few hours.

Case Study

ITS ConGlobal

Hear from Brant Ring, CEO of ITS ConGlobal, on how Tomorrow.io’s weather and climate security platforms empower his team to optimize their logistics operations.

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