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Weather Forecast API and Real-Time Weather

Discover precise and localized forecast data for any location worldwide up to 14 days in the future. Weather Forecast API and Real-Time Weather help streamline operational needs and enhance business predictions.

Navigate the Future with Precision: The Power of Weather Forecast Data

Plan for the future and improve business performance with robust weather data.’s weather forecast data empowers companies to turn future conditions into actionable business strategies, protect employees, enhance operational efficiency, and drive targeted revenue. 

Weather Forecast API

Using the weather forecast API, access up-to-date weather information for your specific location, including minute-by-minute forecasts for the following hour, hourly forecasts for the next 120 hours, and daily forecasts for the next 5 days.

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Real-Time Weather

With the Real-time Weather API, you can access current weather information for your location in minute-by-minute temporal resolution. We support multiple location types of the query parameter. 

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Weather Timelines

Use’s timelines endpoint to query weather conditions from over 80 data layers by specifying location, fields, timestamps, start time, and end time, all within a single call to the REST Weather API.

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Weather on Routes

Unlock travel insights with the routes API endpoint; seamlessly integrating with popular navigation services APIs like Google Maps and Mapbox transforms your route segments into actionable data points.

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With hyper-accurate, hyper-local weather forecast data tailored to your needs, you can explore the future of your operations

Prepare For the Future With Pinpoint Precision

Hyperlocal weather data lets you navigate weather conditions and plan with confidence. Use weather forecasts to operationalize efficiently. 

Amplify Safety and Minimize Losses

Integrate the Weather Forecast API into your systems and anticipate hazardous conditions before they strike, ensuring a safe and secure operational environment.

Supercharge Business Decisions

Weather forecast data supercharges business decisions, arming you with the knowledge to plan and strategize effectively.

Utilize Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Integrate pre-packaged templates into your operations, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Combine Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts with Additional Data

Harness complete, actionable weather insights from our hyperlocal and forecast weather data blend to revolutionize business decision-making.

Leverage Highly Customizable Weather Data

With flexible endpoints and comprehensive data layers; you can customize weather alerts, determine your severe weather conditions, and leverage official weather notifications from our sources.

Advantages of’s Weather Forecast API provides accurate, ultra-local weather information primed for seamless integration into any software application, algorithm, or analysis tool. Enhance your business strategy with superior weather forecasting capabilities.

Polygon & Polyline Support

Benefit from’s advanced polygon and polyline endpoint support. Tailor weather data to your specific needs, adjusting parameters for precise location monitoring

The Richest  Data Catalog

Leverage the richest weather data catalog available with our weather forecast API. With 60+ weather data fields possible, including air quality, pollen count, and fire index, our robust data helps you build the tools you need.  

Minutely Accurate Data now offers weather forecasts minute-by-minute for up to 6 hours in the future. Supercharge your forecasts with accurate minutely data.

Proprietary Models & High Accuracy

We are constantly advancing our proprietary models and machine-learning algorithms to unlock new levels of critical decision-making support in real time. Our models provide highly accurate weather forecasts, probabilistic models, and more.

Unique Data Sources

We leverage unique data sources to fuel our weather intelligence software. With’s upcoming satellite constellation, we will deliver proprietary precipitation weather data from a swath of radar precipitation-equipped satellites. 

>99.9 SLA

Experience superior performance with Tomorrow’s weather forecast API. With >99.9% SLA, we consistently deliver precise, real-time weather data for smooth application performance.

Future-Proof Your Business Decisions with Accurate Weather Forecasting

Unquestionable Accuracy with Scientific Verification

Rest easy knowing that all weather forecast data has been rigorously validated and is ready to integrate into any system, fortifying your business with trustworthy data.

Developer-Friendly and Highly Customizable’s weather forecast API provides customization; Users can access flexible endpoints, determine specific weather hazards,  and customize weather alerts.

Broaden Your Horizons with Versatile Applications

Our weather forecast data can adapt to any business, industry, and strategy, adding value and transforming how you harness weather data to boost your bottom line.

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Businesses Across All Industries Benefit From Weather Forecasting


Empower your customers to create intelligent energy systems and reduce costs. Leverage precise weather forecasts to optimize the use of HVAC systems during peak times and conserve energy during periods of lower demand.


Stay ahead of severe weather conditions that pose threats to city infrastructure. Utilize accurate weather forecasts to predict, prepare, and protect your facilities from potential damage.


Respond proactively to the impact of severe weather on air quality and population health. Severe weather can affect air quality, increasing hospital visits and impacting population health (e.g., asthma attacks).


Elevate the outdoor dining experience with a weather forecast API. Predict the ideal conditions for al fresco dining, ensuring comfort for your patrons in all weather.


Harness the power of accurate weather forecasting to predict consumer interest in specific locations. Understand and leverage common seasonal weather patterns within geographical regions to tailor your services.


Enhance crop protection and irrigation management with tailored weather forecasts. Know when and how to safeguard your plants from severe weather conditions and manage irrigation efficiently.


Support insured homeowners and car owners preparing for severe weather during targeted seasons with a weather forecast API. Preparing better helps safeguard assets, reduces the probability of claims, and lowers insurance costs.

Automotive and Trucking

Improve the accuracy of hazard warning systems in modern automobiles and trucks with a weather forecast API. Provide timely alerts for drivers to operate safer alternative routes in hazardous conditions.

Municipalities & government

Improve city planning and safety measures with proactive weather forecasting. Predict the impact of severe weather conditions on roads and city expansion projects, prepare for necessary repairs, and delay construction when needed to protect employees and contractors from harm. Weather API

Learn more about the Weather API’s enterprise-grade capabilities:

Air Quality API

Access historical, current, and forecast air pollution data for any location quickly and easily

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Historical Weather API

Leverage’s historical weather APIs for strategic business optimization insights.

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Statistical API

Analyze and interpret weather events with’s best-in-class Statistical Weather Data API

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Alert & Notifications

Prepare for and mitigate risks around weather events in advance for more resilient operations

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Weather Maps API

Improve maps with real-time weather. Easily integrate with Mapbox, Google Maps, and more

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