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Stay Ahead 
of the Storm with Weather Alerts & Monitoring API

Transform how you navigate weather uncertainties with Tomorrow.io’s Weather Alerts API precision and foresight. Fortify your business, enhance operational resilience, and gain a strategic edge, ensuring growth and stability before weather hits.

Navigate Severe Weather With Customized Alerts

Don’t let unpredictable weather dictate your organization’s future. Tomorrow.io’s weather alerts and monitoring API solutions enable you with robust weather data designed to support your operations and applications based on customized conditions.

Weather Alerts API

Using the recent history weather API you can access historical weather data for your location, including minutely, hourly, and daily data for the last 7 days

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Severe Weather Events

Access standardized alerts for severe weather events from the National Weather Service: Embed weather data from government meteorological agencies for national severe weather notifications, and stay on top of local, regional, and national alerts.

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Events API

Tailor conditions for your exact use cases and specific weather hazards with access to more than 80 weather data layers. Make use of Tomorrow.io’s templates based on real industry use cases, and support metric system values with the custom insights API.

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On-Demand Weather Events

Retrieve detailed weather insights and real-time forecasts for specific locations with On-Demand Weather Events. Monitor specific weather conditions on demand over the next five days.

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Optimize For Operational Efficiency Before Weather Hits

Make the most of your weather alerts and monitoring API. Here’s how Tomorrow.io can support your business goals:

Improve Communication

Communicate and alert employees, vendors, and customers of incoming weather, before it impacts their day-to-day life.

Ensure Business Continuity

Reduce the risk of business shutdowns or lost work days due to severe weather; alerts come in hand ahead of time.

Prevent Losses

Protect your operations from both direct and indirect weather-related disruptions, adapting to changes in customer and staff behaviors.

Optimize Scheduling

Understand ahead of time if you’ll need to redo daily schedules in order to staff appropriately and prevent cost losses

Boost Logistics Performance

Adapt logistics strategies in real-time to weather changes, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted delivery and transport services.

Resource Save with Webhooks

Utilize webhooks for automatic updates, reducing resource usage and ensuring accurate, location-specific alerts.

Forecast With the Best Weather Alerts API

With Tomorrow.io’s weather alerts and monitoring API, users can easily leverage advanced configuration for tailor-made solutions specific to their industry.

On Demand Events

Easily integrate with any internal application for optimized decision-making and consumer assistance based on our we

Customizable Insights

Access updated data specific to your industry needs with flexible insights and templates based on custom conditions in any of our 80+ data layers.

Efficient Notifications

Deliver timely messages to alert subscribers with customizable options, including pre-event warnings and post-event information.

Proactive Alerts System

Set alerts for emergency situations or public warnings. Stay informed about severe weather conditions affecting your area.

1curl --request POST \     
2  --url 'https://api.tomorrow.io/v4/events-timeline?apikey=<put_your_apikey_here>' \
3  --header 'accept: application/json' \
4  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
5  --data '{  
6    "location": {    
7      "geometry": {      
8        "type": "Point",      
9        "coordinates": [        
10          -73.89,        
11          40.768      
12        ]    
13      }  
14    },  
15    "insight": {    
16      "rules": "(windSpeed > 30 AND temperature < 0)"  
17    }}'

How Improved Accuracy Makes a Difference

Backed by cutting-edge AI, ML, and deep learning along with upcoming space data, our weather alerts & notifications API provides the most up-to-date communication around early warning systems on the market.

High Accuracy with Scientific Verification

Rest easy knowing that all weather alerts data has been rigorously validated and is ready to take on any project, fortifying your business with data you can trust.

Customizable Data Sets to Empower Your Team

Tailored data to your unique business needs and requirements, ensuring you have the precise information to propel your business forward.

Versatile API Applications and Abilities

Our Weather Alerts API not only adapts to any business, industry, and strategy, but it also adds value, transforming the way you harness weather data to boost your bottom line.

Leverage Weather Alerts and Notifications for a Variety of Use Cases

Companies can leverage Tomorrow.io’s weather alerts API for real-time monitoring and communication of high-impact weather, protecting outdoor workers and operations.

Improving ETAs

Leading brands like Uber use Tomorrow.io’s Weather API to improve ETA accuracy and adjust driver availability based on weather conditions (e.g., rain or snow).

Optimizing Shift Management

Warehouses benefit from Tomorrow.io’s Weather API, using insights for shift optimization and hazard prevention, ensuring worker safety and effective supply chain management.

Creating Targeted Advertising Experiences

Digital marketers and businesses can realize the benefits of weather intelligence for revenue-boosting, weather-responsive advertising, enhancing ads and consumer engagement.

Enhancing Road Safety

Automotive companies use weather alerts and notifications to improve traffic and road safety amidst weather changes. Weather data benefits logistics planning and electric vehicle travel.

Monitoring Environmental Changes

Companies can leverage Tomorrow.io’s weather alerts API for real-time monitoring and communication of high-impact weather, protecting outdoor workers and operations.

Preparing for Disasters With Weather Warnings and Alerts

Industries widely adopt Tomorrow.io’s weather alerts API for critical, real-time updates, safeguarding outdoor operations and workers against extreme weather.

Tomorrow.io Weather API

Learn more about the Tomorrow.io Weather API’s enterprise-grade capabilities:

Air Quality API

Access historical, current, and forecast air pollution data for any location quickly and easily

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Historical Weather API

Leverage Tomorrow.io’s historical weather APIs for strategic business optimization insights.

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Weather Maps API

Improve maps with real-time weather. Easily integrate with Mapbox, Google Maps, and more

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