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Weather Maps API

Enhance your maps with accurate weather conditions using’s free Weather Map API. Retrieve map tiles at any given moment and easily integrate them with popular interactive map libraries like Mapbox, Google Maps, and more.

Navigate the World’s Weather with Confidence

Experience a whole new level of weather visualization.’s Weather Maps API integrates with various platforms to superimpose accurate weather conditions on your map with more than 80+ configurable data layers. Suitable for any application or website built with a map function

Accurate Map Forecasts

The Weather Maps API provides map tiles for the last 24 hours and a 14-day forecast that integrates seamlessly with your application

Real-Time Weather’s robust data layers ensure you have the most precise and timely weather details at your fingertips

Visually Appealing Data

Get access to PNG images at any given moment and enhance your map with real-time weather layers

See Map Tiles API

Visualize the true impact of weather on daily operations and activities with accurate weather data tailored specifically to your map application

Leverage Customizable Datasets

Thanks to our adaptable endpoints and extensive data layers, you can personalize the weather that matters most to you on your maps and visualize the impact in real-time up to two weeks in the future. 

Provide Precise Weather Data

Using highly accurate weather information, you’ll provide map users with the ability to anticipate hazardous weather conditions before they occur, ensuring activity or operation safety.

Supercharge Mapping Applications’s weather map API effortlessly integrates with your existing mapping tools, providing real-time weather data that adds depth, accuracy, and functionality to your applications. 

Map your success and empower your teams with highly 
accurate weather map data

High Accuracy with Scientific Verification

Rest easy knowing that all Weather Map API data has been rigorously validated and is ready to integrate into any system, fortifying your business with trustworthy weather info.

Developer-Friendly and Highly Customizable

Weather Maps API provides customization; Users can access more than 80 weather data layers, determine specific weather hazards,  and data visualization. 

Versatile Applications

Our weather layers data can adapt to any business, industry, and strategy, adding value and transforming how you harness weather data to boost your map applications and forecasting.

1// initialize the map
2function initMap() {
3  var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), {
4    zoom: 7,
5    center: {
6      lat: 42.355438,
7      lng: -71.059914
8    "timelines": [
9      {
10        "timestep": "current",
11        "endTime": "2023-01-08T16:22:00Z",
12        "startTime": "2023-01-08T16:22:00Z",
13        "intervals": [
14          {
15            "startTime": "2023-01-08T16:22:00Z",
16            "values": {
17              "humidity": 50.49,
18              "temperature": -1,

The Power of Weather Maps API

Enhance your business strategy with’s superior Historical Weather API, specifically designed to empower you to leverage weather data effectively. Rather than confining you to limited or potentially inaccurate data, we deliver precise, hyper-local, and current historical weather data ready to be integrated into any application, algorithm, or analysis tool.

Visualize Weather Easily

Take weather visualization to new heights, with dozens of weather data layers you’ll be able to see the weather you care about most.

Customize Maps Your Way offers more than 860+ configurable data laters, allowing you to create custom map overlays for any use case.

Effortlessly Integrate Maps

The Weather Maps API allows for simple integration with your existing mapping tools, adding weather accuracy and additional functionality to your apps.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Using’s weather data gives you a competitive advantage by providing you with more accurate, hyperlocal,  and real-time weather information.

Benefit from 80+ Weather Map Data Layers’s Weather Map API provides API users with more than 80 possible weather data fields. Improve your map capabilities with the following:

Customizable Weather Data for Diverse Map Applications

Unlock a world of possibilities with’s weather maps API. No matter the industry, our tailored weather information seamlessly integrates with various mapping platforms and provides accurate, real-time weather that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

Logistics and Transportation

Equip travelers with real-time weather visuals on maps, enhancing journey planning and offering a seamless experience that keeps adventure and safety hand in hand.


Utilize weather overlays to tailor farming strategies. From irrigation to pest control, have the right information at your fingertips, fostering a thriving crop.

Travel & Tourism

Equip travelers with real-time weather visuals on maps, enhancing journey planning and offering a seamless experience that keeps adventure and safety hand in hand.


From outdoor weddings and concerts to large-scale festivals, overlay weather data to pick the perfect venue and time, creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Disaster Management

Government and municipal bodies can overlay weather information on city maps to anticipate and respond to extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods, or wildfires; support better coordination, effective evacuations, and strategic resource allocation. Weather API 

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