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Weather Intelligence for Healthcare

Build resilient mitigation plans to help communities prepare for the health effects of climate change.

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Hospital Costs​

With fewer heat-related hospitalizations

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Lives Saved​

With emergency alerts during one weather event

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Less Sun Damage​

When patients are proactively told to increase sunscreen use 

Everything you need for a weather-sensitive health adaption plan in one platform

Centralized rules and protocols

Develop strategies that anticipate, prepare, and respond to weather related health effects.

Improved decision-making

Reduce time spent on making complex decisions manually and minimize error.

Predicted health impact

Monitor all weather parameters needed to protect human health in this changing climate.​ allows us to understand the impact forecasted weather and air quality so we can help people at risk of health issues better manage their conditions.

Aviad Shneiderman

CEO of Aura Air

A quick start with Health templates

Not sure where to start? Our pre-built health dashboards can help.


Allergy Treatment

Build an efficient treatment plan that accounts for changes in weather.

Doctors walking down hall

Hospital Operations

Plan your hospital’s inclement weather strategy for efficient operations.

Heat Health

Heat-Health Watch System

Ensure all health departments are prepared to respond to a heatwave.

Hurricane from Space

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Explore all of our custom industry templates.

See the immediate impact of the weather – at every location

Displaying over 30+ different weather and air quality parameters,’s interactive map helps you visualize any incoming weather risks and understand the impact on human health at any given location.

Alert your team of upcoming weather risks immediately

Send out automated alerts across your organization when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – high heat, lightning, extreme cold, wind, or any other weather that increases the risk of human illness.

Ready to make smart weather decisions?

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