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Supercharge Your Decision-Making Confidence with NextGen

Take control of weather-related risks and opportunities like never before with hyper-accurate forecasts, advanced analytics, and exclusive satellite data integration tailored to meet the complex needs of businesses with high-stakes decision-making.

Unlock Unmatched Confidence, Speed, and Insight

NextGen delivers our most advanced capabilities yet to power informed choices in demanding environments via:

Pinpoint Accuracy

Our next-gen proprietary models, enriched with satellite data, provide higher resolution location-specific predictions.

360° Visibility

Rapid updates on hyper-local conditions enables real-time response and informed decisions.

Confidence for Any Scenario

Our full probabilistic ensemble modeling suite empowers confident planning for all scenarios, including new thunderstorm severity forecasts.

Powered by Our Most Advanced Capabilities

Access the full suite of exclusive precision modeling, data, and analytics.

Complete Probabilistic Toolkit

Our suite of advanced ensemble modeling provides complete visibility into weather uncertainties, quantifying the chances of different scenarios to optimize decisions amid variability

All-Encompassing Thunderstorm Intelligence

Advanced thunderstorm analytics deliver actionable intelligence to enhance preparedness, including hourly storm probability forecasts out to 14 days. Rich severity forecasts also provide critical details on tornado, wind, hail and flood threats.

Revolutionary Modeling Backed by Space Data

Our advanced proprietary forecast modeling leverages first-of-their-kind satellite observations to achieve new levels of predictive precision and hyperlocal insight.

The NextGen Difference

NextGen builds on our classic weather intelligence platform with exclusive capabilities for advanced applications


  • Forecast Modeling & Satellite Data
  • Probabilistic
Data Product
  • Thunderstorm


  • Forecast Modeling & Satellite Data

    Proven proprietary modeling

  • Probabilistic
Data Product

    Does not include probabilistic capabilities

  • Thunderstorm

    Provides storm probability forecasts.


  • Forecast Modeling & Satellite Data

    Precision modeling enhanced by proprietary satellite data

  • Probabilistic
Data Product

    Full suite of ensemble modeling 
quantifies, likelihood of different scenarios

  • Thunderstorm

    Delivers both probability and detailed severity forecasts

Empower Confident Decisions Across Industries

Leverage our advanced forecasting capabilities tailored to your most complex, high-impact operational needs.


Optimize flight plans with hyper-local visibility while proactively mitigating weather disruptions days in advance.

Outdoor Events

Confidently make critical go/no-go calls on event cancellations a week out using our precision. Rapidly adjust vendor plans as conditions evolve.

Cities, Towns, & Municipalities

Enhance public services and preparedness through proactive scenario planning driven by our probabilistic modeling.


Leverage our granular forecasts to make informed go/no-go decisions on rerouting trains to avoid derailment risks days ahead of time.


Forecast renewable generation and demand with pinpoint accuracy while optimizing maintenance and staffing schedules.


Enhance crop protection and planning with advanced intelligence tailored to each farm.

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