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Improve drone flight performance and safety with better weather insights.

Improve drone flight performance and safety with better weather insights.

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Saved Per Drone​

On avoided weather related repair costs

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Flight Operations​

Successfully planned with accurate weather forecasts

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Advance Warning​

Of operational weather impact 

Everything your operation
needs in one platform

Centralized rules and protocols

One single source of truth to ensure all pilots are operating safely according to the weather.

Optimized route planning

Proactively schedule operations to avoid dangerous weather conditions along your flight path.

Predicted operational impact

Increase situational awareness, minimize flight cancellations, and avoid costly drone damage.

Providing next-generation tools, such as’s solution, is essential to moving the UAS industry forward.

Nathan Ruff

UASidekick CEO

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These pre-built drone dashboards will have you up and running faster.

Fleet Management, Summer Operations

Summer Operations

Take extra precautions to ensure your drone is ready to fly in the heat.

Drone hovering mid-flight

Aerial Photography

Monitor weather conditions that will improve aerial photography operations.

Drones Operations and Scheduling Optimization

Flight Scheduling

Simplify Go-No-Go decisions using reliable and accurate weather data.

Hurricane from Space

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See the immediate impact of the weather – at every location

Displaying over 30+ different weather and air quality parameters,’s interactive map helps you visualize any incoming weather risks and understand the impact on any flights at your specific locations.

Alert your team of upcoming weather risks immediately

Send out automated alerts across your organization when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – extreme winds, heat, lightning, precipitation, or any other weather that threatens your UAV missions.

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