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Stop worrying about the forecast.

Add predictive insights and alerts to any location.

Always on and constantly working for you

Monitors help you manage specific locations and automate business decisions by combining hyperlocal location tracking, insights, and alerts.

Each Monitor consists of 1 hyperlocal location with up to 10 predictive insights.

Turn weather into insights and insights into actions

1. Select any location

Identify key assets, locations, or policy holders sampled with high-resolution data - be it as simple lat/longs, confined polygons, or throughout a defined border.

2. Create insights

Assign the expected business impact of hyper-specific forecasted weather and the recommended actions to take in advance.

3. Automate forecast tracking

Use Monitors to continuously and automatically track the business impact of forecasted weather across your most important locations 24/7.

4. Make better decisions

With one source of truth, send alerts to team members in advance based on your custom insights rules and operational procedures.

Insight examples

Implement extreme cold protocol
Reduce speed, staff for snow removal, tracks blocked, low visibility, brief employees for general weather safety operations (frost bite, hypothermia, slipping on ice, etc)
Monitor tracks: Flood risk
Rail inspection needed, check for track damage, stop train or reroute and monitor flooding.
Monitor NS train derailment: Medium risk
Warning: Monitor winds and slow speeds due to cross winds derailment risk and debris on track

Endless possibilities

Intergrate with the tools you already use.

Set webhooks to create automations that help drive realtime decisions, ensuring operations run smoothly and on schedule.


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Weather Intelligence Platform

Customers leverage Insight Dashboards to predict business impact, as well as set proactive Alerts to allow time to prepare.
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Personal Weather Assistant

Users can see the best time to do their favorite activities, or be notified whenever there’s a health hazard.
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