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Weather Intelligence for Government

Optimize city planning and resource management to keep residents safe and reduce weather-related risks.

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By avoiding EPA fines

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At local cooling centers during heatwaves

Weather Insights
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To keep the local community safe

Everything your city needs to mitigate weather risk
in one platform

Emergency Preparedness

Establish the right warning systems and evacuation plans for at-risk residents to limit losses.

Improved Response Plans

Respond faster to weather-related disasters and ensure recovery plans are set.

Predicted City Impact

Prepare for upcoming weather hazards and respond quickly and efficiently.

It can be raining in Hough’s Neck; it could be four inches of snow in the hills of West Quincy. will allow us to be far more efficient with the taxpayer dollars.

Thomas Koch

Mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts

A quick start with Government templates

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Heat Wave Safety

Heatwave Management

Incorporate heat-reduction tactics to mitigate risk for local residents.

street repair

Paving and Street Repair

Implement a weather focused street pavement and maintenance routine is to mitigate weather related destruction.


Storm Water Management

Monitor MS4 outfalls and implement good sampling measures that will help avoid EPA fines and penalties.

Hurricane from Space

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See the immediate impact of the weather – throughout the city

Displaying over 30+ different weather and air quality parameters,’s interactive map helps you visualize any incoming weather risks and understand the impact on the local population.

Alert residents of upcoming weather risks

Massive storm heading your way? Send out automated alerts across the city when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters and communicate how to seek help or shelter. 

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