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Weather Intelligence for Drone Operations

Use ClimaCell to increase revenue by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing safety risks.

Weather Intelligence for Drone Operations

“Our goal at UASidekick is to help pilots be safe when they take to the skies. Providing next generation tools, such as ClimaCell’s MicroWeather solution, is essential to moving the UAS industry forward.”

Nathan Ruff, CEO at UASidekick

Nathan Ruff, CEO at UASidekick


Forget the Forecast. Use ClimaCell.


Increase efficiency and revenue


Minimize safety risks


Reduce operating costs

What's the Cost of Not Using ClimaCell?

What Makes ClimaCell so Special for Drone Operations?

  • Plan ahead to complete more successful flights from deliveries to data collection and avoid harmful weather or low visibility
  • Know when to re-route with 24/7 predictive and hyperlocal minute by minute weather insights from ground to cloud 
  • Keep control of your aerial drones to manage safety issues and flight range against the impact of elements such as wind direction and speed at varying altitudes

We’re Talking About Millions in Operational Strategy

  • Utilize your drone fleet efficiently by automating KPIs such as average flight range which can change by 50% based on the weather
  • Enabling a successful drones program can increase speed and accessibility by as much as 80x
  • Using predictive weather impact insights will ensure successful flights, minimize drone damage, and safety risks

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End-to-End Drone Operations Optimization

See exactly when, where, and how weather is going to impact your company in one simple dashboard.

Better pre-flight planning
Predict drone range in advance
More successful flights and deliveries

So You Can Take Control

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Keep control of aerial drones
Reduce damage and crashing
Employ world class safety