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Gareth Goh
By Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh is a product marketing manager at, working on the company's enterprise and SMB products. He previously worked at DataRobot, an AI startup, and InsightSquared, a sales analytics startup, in the Boston area. When he isn't diving into weather technology he enjoys spending time with his young baby and watching sports.
Aug 2, 2021· 3 min, 1 sec Weather API and Platform – July Product Release


Summer is nearly over, and it’s been hard to avoid the never-ending stream of climate- and weather-related events in the news; from abnormal heavy flooding across Europe and Asia to extreme heat in the United States, the need for actionable weather intelligence has never been greater. is committed to delivering that weather intelligence, and our latest features across the API and platform this month are designed to do exactly that. Check out what happened at in July 2021! 

CEO Testifies Before Congress on Extreme Heat

Speaking of extreme heat, don’t miss CEO and Co-founder Shimon Elkabetz testifying on a Congressional panel about the impact of extreme heat on people and businesses and what types of systemic actions need to be taken ASAP.


Watch the full testimony, or check out our recap blog post here!


We’ve combined two of our most powerful and popular features: Weather Insights with our Interactive Weather Map to truly give operators and users a fully holistic view of weather management. Users can now see exactly on their monitored point locations, polygonal areas or polyline routes how weather will impact every single leg of the journey or geographical area, with the accompanying actionable insights highlighted.












Instead of having to switch back and forth between the Insights Dashboard and the Weather Map, we’ve re-designed the platform to feature both on the same view. This is especially critical for supply chain and logistics operators, who need to have a full view across their supply chain systems; weather impacting one leg will have massive downstream effects on the other legs, so this type of insights-driven map view should help give operators the full picture clarity they need. 

Check out this blog post to learn more about Insights-on-the-Map with the platform.

Lightning Flash Rate Density

Want to know how many lightning strikes are expected within a box of fixed horizontal resolution over a given time period? Now you can with’s latest data layer – Lightning Flash Rate Density!

By aggregating density forecasts from leading Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) forecast models from around the globe with our own internal CBAM model regions, delivers a seamless best-in-class lightning forecast product showing flashes per unit time per unit area. With forecasts available for every hour out to a 90 hour time period globally, users in aviation, sports, and outdoor events can use this weather intelligence to develop awareness of when and where thunderstorms will occur since the instability required to produce lightning is a prerequisite of having favorable conditions for it to occur.

Lightning flash rate density is currently available in the API and will be broadly available across the platform shortly. Integrates Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) Local Forecast Model (LFM) into 1F

The JMA LFM model is now fully integrated into’s 1F system, delivering enhanced forecast and real-time / current conditions for the complex and data-sensitive Japanese market. This new model runs at a higher resolution at a more frequent refresh rate compared to our global models, and will be especially advantageous for capturing the complex terrain and topography of the Japanese Archipelago.

With enhanced short-term 1F data to the region for all core surface meteorological variables (e.g. wind, precipitation, temperature, cloud cover), operational mesoscale convection / cloud resolving NWP model with a resolution of 2km, and an hourly refresh rate providing high-resolution forecasts out to 10 hours, this latest update ensures that continues to be a weather leader in the Japan region and globally.

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