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May 18, 2022· 1 min, 32 sec Releases Its First ESG Impact Report

Weather and Climate Security Company Details 2022 ESG Results and Future Goals

Boston, May 18, 2022 – The Tomorrow Companies Inc. (“”), the world’s leading weather and climate security platform, today released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Report, detailing its operational impact, ESG-focused solutions, and future roadmap.’s strategy and performance metrics reflect the company’s commitment to extending its own internal impact while empowering others through its weather intelligence technology.

Amid ever-worsening climate change and upcoming climate-risk disclosure mandates, the importance of driving sustainability and mitigating existing threats has never been greater. Highlights from’s 2022 Impact Report include ESG metrics like:

  • Planting 5,000+ trees planted as part of carbon-offsetting programs
  • Supporting workforce diversity with 27% of senior management from underrepresented backgrounds

The company has also empowered other businesses to become more climate secure by:

  • Equipping 150+ businesses and governments to drive climate adaptation at scale 
  • Keeping 40 million airline passengers safe from weather impact each year
  • Empowering 700+ farmers to monitor crop health

“The results and tactics outlined in our first ESG Impact Report are only the initial steps on our team’s constant journey toward more sustainable, impactful operations. The consequences of climate change are already here,” said’s Chief Executive Officer Shimon Elkabetz. “Now, it’s our shared responsibility to improve and innovate in ways that best protect our employees, communities, and the planet.”

The company’s current and future ESG focus includes:

  • Mapping and mitigating scope 1+2 emissions, toward net zero
  • Developing green procurement policies
  • Promoting “Women of Tomorrow” mentoring program and diversity recruiting

Download’s 2022 ESG Impact Report on the company’s website:

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