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Osburn Contractors Saves Millions With More Efficient Scheduling

When it comes to construction, the weather impacts projects on an almost daily basis. 

Rain, snow, wind, and hail can potentially damage equipment, shut down build sites, and delay construction for days or even weeks. 

That’s why Osburn Contractors pays such close attention to the weather. Based in Texas, the company performs multiple types of construction jobs, but specializes in large warehouse projects of 1 million SQ or more for major brands around the country.

With such massive projects, there are a million operational considerations at every moment. By efficiently scheduling work around the weather, Osburn Contractors have saved millions of dollars each year. 

By adjusting staffing schedules, managing weather-sensitive materials like concrete, and even keeping workers safer during storms, Osburn has found a massive competitive advantage for their business thanks to weather intelligence.

Managing Weather Risk 

Instead of waking up and checking the weather each morning, the operations team at Osburn is instead able to use’s Insights Dashboard to learn the specific locations that are at risk from weather events. If there is a lightning storm incoming, for example, the team doesn’t even need to check the forecast. Instead, they know to stop roofing work entirely to keep crews safe from harm. insights dashboard construction

This is why the Insights Dashboard is so powerful. Instead of worrying about the weather, the team can focus on the impact on the business and make operational decisions quickly to save time and money. 

Dealing with Weather-Sensitive Materials

Reacting quickly to the weather is especially important in construction because of the nature of many projects. Osburn deals with massive projects that use a large amount of concrete. Concrete cannot dry properly with specific weather conditions, including:

  • Precipitation – whether rain, snow, or hail
  • High humidity
  • Extreme temperature or temperature swings 

By planning around the weather, Osburn teams can shift staffing quickly to get coverage during ideal building conditions, reducing mid-shift cancellations, and keeping project timelines on track. Understanding the weather can immediately reduce project delays and save serious money.  

Staying on Schedule to Beat Competitors

With weather intelligence, Osburn is able to gain a significant competitive advantage and reduce costs in multiple ways, including:

  •  Winning more deals by being able to beat project timelines vs. competitors
  • Staffing shifts during ideal weather to reduce mid-shift cancellations 
  • Reducing project delays with better operational planning
  • Protecting workers and expensive equipment from high winds and lightning

In fact, Osburn cited a $100,000+ cost savings events due to’s insights – a full 20% reduction in costs thanks to the Insights Dashboard. 

Want these types of savings for your own company?

Get a demo of the Insights Dashboard now.

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