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Expert Q&A: Harvard’s COVID-19 and Air Quality Study


The medical and scientific communities all suspected there was a link between the risk of COVID-19 and air quality. But until recently, that link was unproven.

In this exclusive interview,’s Chief Scientist Dr. Daniel Rothenberg interviews Xiao Wu, a Ph.D candidate at Harvard University on his study of how air quality directly impacts COVID-19 — using’s global air quality data set.

This discussion covers:

  • Why Wu specifically investigated whether or not there was a linkage between air quality and COVID-19
  • How air quality relates to underlying or pre-existing conditions that can adversely impact one’s experience with COVID-19
  • The key results and conclusions of the study, including the impact of air quality on health overall
  • The key takeaways for healthcare and environmental leaders

For those who would like more details, you can read the full paper: Exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 mortality in the United States

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