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Welcome to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Environmental Data Resource Center

Welcome to the <span style="color:#0072F5">Coronavirus (COVID-19) Environmental Data Resource Center</span>

We’re all trying to understand the connection between environmental variables and the spread of COVID-19, but we need to better understand how, and quickly. We need more testing, data, and statistically significant results.

This COVID-19 resource center is 100% dedicated to sharing leading resources from around the world to better understand how we can leverage the environmental technology and developer community and advance our understanding of COVID-19 to help solve this global pandemic.

Below you’ll find the latest environmental findings being published, hackathons, events, tools, weather API options, and research opportunities for you to contribute. We’ll continue updating this page frequently, and if you have comments, questions, or content you’d like to see posted please send an email to



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Air Quality & Weather:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data Sets:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Coverage: