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Stay Ahead of Urban Flooding with Accurate, Hyper-Local Flood Warnings

Stay ahead of the curve. Get customised alerts up to 36 hours ahead of inundation events.

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Who is Urban Flooding Forecasting for?

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User Platforms
Notify users in advance to optimize their commutes and other outdoor activities
Forecast and prepare for delivery delays to provide the best customer service possible
Optimize your supply and demand forecast to beat the competition
Be proactive in protecting your worksites and personnel
Maximize your customers’ lead time prediction for property loss prevention

Meteorology + Hydrology = Impact

Based on cities planning standards and historical events our holistic Hydro-Meteorological platform predicts urban floods up to 36 hours before they occur. Our Solutions are deployed in populated cities worldwide and cover hundreds millions of lives across Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. The model creates a warning which is triggered with the flood severity level, the expected time and gives an operational meaning to a user.

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“In a volatile climate, floods and drought are two sides of the same coin. Dry and wet spells are subject to the same physics. Better data can make the difference between adverse impacts and resilience”

Dr. Amir Givati, Director of Flood Modeling,
Dr. Amir Givati, Director of Flood Modeling,

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