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Our Data Products

Browse our selection of foundational weather data products direct from our Pathfinder satellites, and request a sample dataset to evaluate operational integration today. These initial offerings pave the way for more advanced, high-refresh data coming soon.

Pathfinder Radar Data Products

L1C-Geoprof sample visualization


Level 1C
Calibrated radar reflectivity profiles provide unmatched detail into precipitation systems, derived from fundamental reflectivity measurements as a function of radar range that capture backscatter from precipitation. Post-processing generates geolocated and calibrated data products optimized for advanced atmospheric analysis.
L2A-PRECIP sample visualization


Level 2A
Tomorrow.io's L2A-PRECIP dataset provides estimates of hydrometeor water content, size, phase, and surface precipitation rate at the native sensor resolution, including probabilistic classifications for each profile: probability of surface precipitation, frozen precipitation, convective precipitation, and hail. This groundbreaking data enables enhanced accuracy in weather forecasting and climate adaptation.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Sounder Data Products

Level 2B

Moisture Profile

Atmospheric moisture and humidity profiles. Water vapor profiles are key for quantifying atmospheric energy transport and cloud processes.
Level 2B

Temperature Profile

Atmospheric temperature profiles enabling advanced thermodynamic characterization.
Level 2A

Unified Bright Temp F Band

Multi-frequency brightness temperatures resampled to unified resolution for optimized analysis. Common spatial resolution across all bands provides efficient inputs for temperature and moisture retrievals.
Level 1C

Intercal – Brightness – Temp

Intercalibrated brightness temperatures for temperature and humidity profiling. Cross-calibration enables construction of long time series with minimal instrument biases.
Level 1A

Antenna Temp

Timestamped and geolocated calibrated antenna temperatures offering insight into atmospheric energy emissions. Antenna temperatures form the basis for higher-level sounder retrievals.
Level 1B

Brightness temp

Calibrated brightness temperature scans with instrument bias removed. This fundamental sounder data product removes antenna and calibration effects.

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