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Dan Slagen
By Dan Slagen
Dan Slagen
Dan Slagen
Currently CMO at, Dan Slagen is a 4 time start-up executive specializing in scaling global go-to-market functions from early stage to $100M+ in ARR. With experience in both B2B and B2C at companies such as HubSpot and Wayfair, Dan has built teams across marketing, growth, sales, customer success, business development, and also founded and sold his own video tech start-up. A frequent contributor and advisor to the start-up community, Dan has spoken at more than 50 conferences and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg TV amongst others. Above all else, Dan believes in creativity, drive, and a people-first mentality.
Aug 24, 2020· 3 min, 23 sec

You’ve Been Watching all the Wrong Netflix Movies on Rainy Days

netflix movies to watch when it's rainy

Here at, we’re obsessed with the weather. And not just the weather, but rather the impact of weather. 

The impact on businesses, transportation, people, and movie watching. Movie watching? Yes, even movie watching. 

Let’s face it, we’re all at home a lot more these days and watching more content online. So much so that some cities are going so far as to sue companies like Netflix for driving up usage and utility fees.

The combination of weather and Netflixing got the team here at thinking: what are the best types of movies to binge on Netflix during certain types of weather? There is, of course, no real right or wrong answers here. But there are strong recommendations.

We believe that you’ve been watching the wrong movies on rainy days. So the next time it’s your time to Netflix and chill, we’ll help you make the best choice for the right weather.

The Best Rainy Day Watches 

While the “norm” might be to watch romantic or sappy movies on rainy days to vibe with the weather outside, you might want to think about watching a comedy. Huh?

The reason being is when it rains, most people are less active, exercise less, and don’t work out as much. Now, while we’re not saying you should replace exercise routines with watching movies, there are some health benefits of watching comedies that almost sound a little like exercise. 

Not only do comedy movies make you feel good and laugh, but that laughter can have positive health effects on your body. For instance, laughing can help increase blood flow, lower your blood pressure, and keep your immune system sharp. Kind of sounds like spending 90 minutes on the treadmill. We kid, we kid, but laughing more on days when you’re less active doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

So next time you think about watching a rainy day movie, consider a comedy. For instance, Netflix is currently showing a bunch of awesome comedies like Clueless, EuroVision, and Jerry Maguire.

netflix movies to watch when it's rainy

The Best Snowy Weather Watches 

Feeling cozy while you watch the snow pile up outside? There are two ways you can go with a snowy day movie: cold or hot.

Depending on whether you want to revel in the cold of the season, or mentally escape from the cold, you can find the perfect movie for your exact mood. 

For option one, you can go with a movie like Snowpiercer, set on a train in a post-apocalyptic frozen wilderness from Oscar-award-winning director Bong Joon-ho. 

For option two, you can try watching the pure vacation that is Wine Country, where Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph are best friends who go to Napa for the weekend.

cold weather netflix movies

The Best Hot Weather Watches

It’s hot. You can’t really move, let alone think. What do you want to watch? Something mindless and fun, most likely. 

Might we suggest an enjoyable popcorn movie? They call it a summer blockbuster for a reason! So go back in time and relive, say, Summer 1993 with the genre-defining Jurassic Park. Or Jaws. Or Independence Day. Pick your favorite!

netflix summer blockbuster movies

If you’re feeling a bit more serious or aren’t into the Blockbuster-type, you can go in a different direction and watch Do the Right Thing, the Spike Lee classic that takes place during a steamy New York summer. 

Recommending the Perfect Movie

Netflix has absolutely perfected the art of recommending the perfect movie to you based on your taste and your past history of watching. 

The specificity of the recommendations has even become a joke to many people. (Why yes, I do want to watch a Violent Nightmare Vacation Movie! Or maybe a Feelgood Talking Animal Animation Movie! Thanks Netflix.)

But sometimes, it’s the weather that most impacts your mood and determines what you feel like watching most. That’s exactly why we think the weather is the perfect additional data point for your movie watching choices. 

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