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Weather Win: March 2018

What’s to be done when the radar simply does not see the rain? It happened again in Houston, Texas on March 27th – and those relying on radars were flying blind. But anyone using’s next-gen technologies saw something in the weather that wasn’t detected by radar or other traditional sources.  While we watched,’s live HD weather map lit up with surface-level rain, showing a low level moist layer producing widespread showers and drizzle that eventually moved from the gulf coast up to Houston Intercontinental Airport. In the GIF above, our microwave links showed a significant area of precipitation approaching from the south.

A major weather company that presented images from a conventional radar product was not able to see the rain, as pictured below.

The ground truth reported from the airport showed that the rain had indeed started at 2:40pm Central Time as predicted by

We keep seeing how airlines benefit the most when they use multiple sources of weather information to make the best operational decisions.  Moreover, by adding new technologies like’s to their decision-making process,  a once-muddled picture of the weather comes into HD focus. 


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