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Gareth Goh
By Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh is a product marketing manager at, working on the company's enterprise and SMB products. He previously worked at DataRobot, an AI startup, and InsightSquared, a sales analytics startup, in the Boston area. When he isn't diving into weather technology he enjoys spending time with his young baby and watching sports.
Oct 12, 2021· 1 min, 57 sec

Weather Widgets to Wow Your Website Visitors With

There are many ways to interact with weather data and visualizations – from using best-in-class weather data through the API, synced with whatever app or system you use, or simply using the all-in-one weather intelligence platform, with a fully interactive weather map and dashboard. 

Now we’re introducing another easy and flexible way to display weather information on your website: weather widgets

Weather widgets are handy little interfaces that let you see information at a quick glance, in this case, weather information. The best part about’s weather widgets is that they’re extremely flexible and easy to install on any website. Simply browse through our selection of weather widgets, pick the right type of widget you’re looking for, customize the location, skin and language and units, approve the preview, and copy the code onto your website! All our weather widgets are fully responsive, powered by the same weather data powering our platform, and most importantly – free to use! 

Here are a few examples of some of our most popular weather widgets:

Weather Widgets


A simple, straightforward summary displaying what the temperature and weather is at any given location for the next 24 hours, with both a text summary and an audio one as well.

Weather Summary for Multiple Locations


Have multiple offices or point of interest for your customers? Display the weather conditions for up to 6 locations at once, with high and low temperatures for the next 24 hours and a general weather summary. 

Air Quality, Pollutants and Pollen



The prevalence of wildfires and industrial smoke has moved air quality concerns to the top of mind for many folks. Whether you’re planning an outdoor excursion, suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues, or simply caring about your general health and lifestyle wellbeing, it is important to be mindful of air quality measures. 

With’s Air Quality widgets, you can also keep an eye on individual counts of pollen and other pollutants. With fall and spring allergies around the corner, knowing the measures of these weather parameters is crucial.

With other weather widgets like Fire Index and Weekly Forecast available – and dozens more in the pipeline that will be available soon – there’s something for everyone, regardless of what type of weather information you want to display on your website!

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