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Sep 22, 2019· 1 min, 34 sec

From the Weather Frontlines: Product and Feature News, September 2019

TV Mode: Your Favorite Weather On the Big Screen…

TV mode allows users to remove all the menus typically shown on the map and convert HyperCast into a displayable full-screen mode, which can be set-up on screens in your operations center (or in your living room…).

Go to TV Mode on HyperCast to check it out!

Coming Soon: Impact Analysis Dashboard

Expected in October

It is time to get a better read on how your business will be impacted by the weather. Introducing the Impact Analysis dashboard, a multi-location view of weather impact and severity in real-time, over the next few hours, and over the next few days. Create weather insights using our formula builder to define and visualize conditions and thresholds that impact your operations and bottom line. Be better prepared, spend less time monitoring the weather, and make decisions based on conditions too complicated to track perviously.

Coming Soon: CBAM on HyperCast and on our API

Expected mid-October

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see if you get the CBAM model for a specific area

Our unique numeric weather prediction model, CBAM ( Bespoke Atmospheric Model), remains one of our biggest and most ambitious projects. We launched CBAM in May and will be making it available in the API and via HyperCast. Most weather companies, us included, use existing weather prediction models that are freely available as a starting point for improvement. With CBAM we’re not just making improvements to what’s already there, we’re using high-performance computing techniques to run improved models from scratch. This gives us the ability to give you *exactly* the information you need for any area – the spatial granularity, the specific weather variables you’re interested in, and a fine-tuned model with the information that’s most important to you, anywhere in the world.

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