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Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Jun 10, 2023· 2 min, 46 sec
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters is's Senior Content Marketing Manager. She draws on 7+ years of experience in marketing and communications with brands like NBCUniversal, Dick's Sporting Goods, and JazzHR to create high-value content that showcases the power of weather intelligence.

Transforming Asset Management with Advanced Weather Intelligence

Picture this: You’re juggling a day packed with property inspections, maintenance checks, and meetings. Suddenly, a massive storm sweeps across one of your portfolio regions. Rain pours, and you’re left scrambling trying to mitigate mounting flood damage while ensuring the safety of your properties and their tenants.

Sound familiar?

Weather, an often underestimated player, wields a substantial influence on the health and profitability of your assets. From mild inconveniences to major damages, unexpected weather changes can cause significant disruptions and significantly erode your investments’ value.

How Traditional Weather Forecasting Falls Short

Traditional weather forecasting methods, like national meteorological services, commercial weather forecasting services, and weather apps, only provide generalized, region-centric predictions rather than asset-specific forecasts. This lack of specific, localized, real-time weather information leave property managers reacting to weather events rather than proactively managing their potential impact. 


This is where advanced weather intelligence solutions like can make a significant difference. Our AI-backed weather intelligence technology turns the traditional weather forecast into hyperlocal, actionable insights from one single source of truth.

Available via Weather API and SaaS platform, our technology offers historical, real-time, and forecasted hyperlocal data that unites your entire asset network, providing minute-by-minute forecasts down to the individual property level up to 14 days in advance for any location worldwide. The result is substantial cost savings, more efficient operations, and ultimately, a safer environment for your residents and tenants.


Empowering Decisions with Weather Intelligence

Harnessing proactive, hyperlocal weather intelligence can revolutionize your asset management approach by empowering you to:

  • Mitigate weather-related damages: Early warnings enable prompt preventative measures, protecting your assets from significant weather-induced damage.
  • Boost resilience and profitability: A proactive approach to weather threats shields your assets and prevents costly interruptions to operations.
  • Streamline your response: Timely alerts reach the right people at the right time, ensuring swift action and minimal downtime.
  • Tailor strategies for each asset: Our platform enables customized action plans, considering each property’s unique characteristics and vulnerabilities.
  • Enhance tenant safety and satisfaction: Precise and timely weather updates help protect residents from adverse weather conditions, building trust and satisfaction.
  • Optimize maintenance schedules: Weather intelligence can inform your maintenance planning, preventing weather-induced damage and saving unnecessary costs.
  • Simplify insurance claim management: Detailed historical weather data provide a strong foundation for processing insurance claims related to weather incidents.

The Next Frontier

Weather intelligence is about to become even stronger. In April 2023, launched Tomorrow-R1—the world’s first commercially built weather radar satellite—and the first step in building a constellation that provides near-real-time global precipitation data and global weather radar coverage.

For property management, this translates into a profound advancement. The ability to access near-real-time scans of precipitation and atmospheric profiles anywhere on Earth directly influences how property managers will be able to anticipate and adapt to weather threats. The result is more informed decisions, better asset protection, and sustained profitability.

Take Control of Your Assets

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you respond. Armed with weather intelligence, asset managers can turn potential threats into managed risks, ensuring your portfolio’s resilience and profitability. is here to guide you on this journey. We transform unpredictability into actionable insights for robust asset management. Don’t leave your asset management to chance—harness the power of weather intelligence today and navigate your future with confidence.

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