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Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Apr 19, 2022· 1 min, 4 sec
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters is Tomorrow.io's Senior Content Marketing Manager. She draws on 7+ years of experience in marketing and communications with brands like NBCUniversal, Dick's Sporting Goods, and JazzHR to create high-value content that showcases the power of weather intelligence.

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 By Taking Climate Action


How much time does it take to make a difference? 

Everyday tasks like brushing our teeth or making a coffee take less than five minutes. What if, in the same amount of time, each of us could help the planet? Climate action can be quick and easy, and it feels good.

That’s why this Earth Day, Tomorrow.io is joining forces with 500 leading digital companies for the Time for Climate Action campaign—an initiative designed to accelerate climate action through actionable information and collaboration.

Our friends at the Leaders for Climate Action have created a set of simple tools which allow you to take action in just a few minutes:

  • In 2 minutes, you can ask your political representatives to take climate action in government. 
  • In 5 minutes, you can switch your household to green energy, saving not just CO2 emissions but money too.
  • In 7 minutes, you can learn how to make more sustainable food choices and start taking the first practical steps.

What are you waiting for? Use the tools below to start taking climate action today.

You’ve taken action as an individual Now, it’s time to protect your organization.

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