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Dan Slagen
By Dan Slagen
Dan Slagen
Dan Slagen
Currently CMO at, Dan Slagen is a 4 time start-up executive specializing in scaling global go-to-market functions from early stage to $100M+ in ARR. With experience in both B2B and B2C at companies such as HubSpot and Wayfair, Dan has built teams across marketing, growth, sales, customer success, business development, and also founded and sold his own video tech start-up. A frequent contributor and advisor to the start-up community, Dan has spoken at more than 50 conferences and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg TV amongst others. Above all else, Dan believes in creativity, drive, and a people-first mentality.
Aug 16, 2021· 4 min, 29 sec

The Dashboards Fighting Climate Risk

The IPCC report released last week with more than 200 scientists gathered by the United Nations was blunt. Change is inevitable, and the entire world will be living and adapting to an ever-changing climate. As’s CEO and Co-founder Shimon Elkabetz said,

“We are in the era of consequences. We need to not only to ‘disclose risk’; we need to manage it pro actively. We need better technology to monitor climate change, we need better forecasts on a global scale, we need software and automations, and we need insights.”

In highlighting more headlines from last week, they perfectly reflect how our world continues to look week after week.


Wildfires in North America and Europe.


Torrential precipitation and flooding in Asia.


July weather data showed it was the hottest month on record for the planet.

But what does the report mean to people, businesses, and governments? More importantly, how can operators manage against the weather? How can they adapt to volatile climate conditions? The answer is dashboards.

While the planet looks to cut emissions and find more sustainable ways to operate with ESG regulation, the daily and weekly reality of weather continues to present significant risk to people, governments, and businesses around the world. Ships capsizing, energy grids failing, airlines delayed leaving passengers stranded…etc, the list goes on for most all industries. Longer-term planning is essential for businesses and ESG offers that opportunity, but as Elkabetz says simply disclosing climate risk is not enough for businesses. Solutions are needed to help operators manage and mitigate climate risk and weather security NOW.

The core problem’s dashboards solve is allowing operators to be proactive to weather vs. being reactive. For instance, imagine being proactive vs. reactive in any of the following scenarios:

  • Flooding: Evacuating people from a flood area as opposed to having to save them during and after flooding
  • Maritime: Turning ships back in advance of hazardous conditions avoiding capsizing
  • Energy: Preparing the energy grid in advance so it doesn’t fail with people losing power
  • Airlines: Alerting customers of delays before they arrive at the airport
  • Construction: Laying concrete during the right conditions to avoid having to do it again wasting materials
  • Automotive: Alerting drivers of road risk from hail or decreased battery range from hot/cold temperatures
  • Railroads: Updating schedules around incoming weather to ensure on-time ETAs and avoiding derailment
  • On-Demand: Predicting customer surges days in advance with enough drivers to provide fair pricing and ETAs
  • Trucking: Help drivers know when trucks are at risk of being blown over from unexpected winds
  • Governments: Know when/where/how weather will impact communities from flooding or landslides
  • Wildfires: Showing firefighters where/how fires will spread

As you can see, the list is endless as weather impacts most everything. That said, you do not have to settle for the current state of weather and climate on our daily lives are the status quo. For governments and businesses,’s Insights Dashboards offer the ability to adapt. For any industry, job or use case – there is a dashboard for you. Your own customized magic 8-ball showing you multiple days in advance (and always updating in real-time) how weather is going to impact whatever you’re responsible for your business or community.

Below are a few examples of predictive impact dashboards for community-based sever weather alerts, flood warnings and heatwaves. All of the below dashboards are customized down to the street-level of hyperlocal weather impact prediction.

Severe weather alerts

Early flood warning systems

Early heatwave warning systems

As an operator, dashboards like this can be your reality in a matter of minutes with You can set-up as many dashboards as you need for all of your teams, departments and jobs impacted by the weather. Think of them almost like using Microsoft Excel or Airtable, where you have multiple tabs each focused on one aspect of your business. The same is true for dashboards. In order to create your own dashboard, we help you complete a simple 3-step process:

  • Select the thresholds and protocols you need to track
  • Assign them to a specific hyperlocal location
  • Confirm who needs to be alerted/messaged when there’s risk

That’s it! Insights can also be visualized on a map in addition to implemented into your existing systems seamlessly using our API.

These dashboards help educate you and your team on what to expect so you can update your operational plans, and they can be edited and worked on together in real time when need. You do not have to fear what next week will bring, or settle for accepting the fact that “X% of your operations will be impacted by weather and cost you Y in losses.” You can use to put your community and business in the best possible position to meet the weather head-on, fully prepared.

With predictive impact dashboards, you can have the confidence to know you did everything in your power to put your team in the best position to win; and as a team leader, while that’s all you can ask for, it’s also what has eluded you up until now.

While dashboards can be fully customized to your team needs, we also have thousands of pre-built dashboards for every industry which you can start be seeing here.

Learn more about and our proprietary Weather Intelligence Platform.

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