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Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Feb 24, 2022· 0 min, 57 sec
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters is Tomorrow.io's Senior Content Marketing Manager. She draws on 7+ years of experience in marketing and communications with brands like NBCUniversal, Dick's Sporting Goods, and JazzHR to create high-value content that showcases the power of weather intelligence.

Remember the I-95 Shutdown? Tomorrow.io Could Have Helped

Weather and climate security technology like Tomorrow.io can help to prepare for and mitigate risks around extreme weather events.

Earlier this year, a massive snowstorm moving up the East Coast brought traffic to a standstill on Interstate I-95 outside of Fredericksburg, VA, stranding hundreds of drivers in their vehicles overnight.

The unprecedented ordeal lasted for 36 hours, during which time those stranded were forced to ration food, water, and heat. It even included real-time Tweets from Senator Tim Kaine, who happened to be one of the trapped drivers.

Thankfully, no one was physically injured as a direct result of the shutdown, and the 48-mile stretch of road was passable within hours of the shutdown being cleared.

But a lingering question remained: could this have been better handled or even avoided?

Enhanced Preparedness and Risk Mitigation

No one could have prevented this storm. But the right technology would have empowered transportation officials, motorists, and road crews to proactively prepare for the storm and take action to mitigate the risks.

Watch to learn how a weather and climate security platform like Tomorrow.io could have helped.






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