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Rain Already Causing Problems at Nationals vs. Astros MLB Spring Training, Here’s How-to Fix It

We’re just getting underway with the 2020 Major League Baseball season and wouldn’t you know it, the weather is already causing problems. Over the weekend, the Spring Training game between Washington and Houston was rained out after just 2 innings in Florida.

With the majority of MLB stadiums being outdoors, weather is going to continue playing a monster role in the outcome of games, fan experience, and stadium operations. While the rain over the weekend caught everyone by surprise, it didn’t have to…

Knowing how incoming weather will impact specific locations for teams and stadiums ahead of time can completely change the frustrations all of us in the baseball world have come to accept as a part of the job.

  • Game strategy: For teams, rain makes a huge difference in approaching the game and line-up. From selecting starting pitching to field players, if you know a game might get rained out or delayed you can manage accordingly before the first pitch.
  • Fan experience: Fans spend hard earned time and money to attend games, and they always leave disappointed when there’s a cancellation. Knowing if a game will get rained out ahead of time allows teams and stadiums to proactively communicate with their fan base and earn trust. Additionally, if there’s going to be a rain delay, stadiums can run special indoor promotions to help pass the time for kids and keep people happier and engaged.
  • Stadium operations: Knowing ahead of time when to tarp the field, how to manage field conditions, and when to alert people of lightning risks is possible for stadium operations teams using By knowing what you’ll need to do ahead of time, operations teams can also staff up or down in accordance with the incoming weather, saving time/money and increasing their level of preparedness.

If you’d like to learn more about how can help you manage against the weather we’d love to chat. Our baseball weather experts are already working with a number of teams and have ideas, tips, and solutions to help you strike out mother nature (cheesy ending I know!).

In all seriousness though, our predictive weather operations dashboard and software, called HyperCast, is the answer you’ve been looking for, let’s chat.

We’re ready to help you here.

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