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Need a Yahoo Weather API Replacement?

In 2019, the popular Yahoo Weather API shut down, leaving a significant gap in the market. Many developers used the free weather API from Yahoo to build their apps, widgets, and more, but they had to find a new source for weather data. 

That’s exactly what hopes to offer developers today: a great Yahoo weather API replacement for your weather needs. 

While there are many great free weather APIs available, there are a variety of features that some have, and others do not. From in-depth weather data to map layers and more, you have to carefully analyze the next weather API you choose to build with. If you start a project and run up against some serious limitations, you may have to start over again on another platform entirely.

So what’s the right choice? We argue that is the best option on the market as a replacement for the Yahoo weather API. Here’s why. 

What to look for in a new weather API

If you’re just looking for basic weather data like temperature, precipitation, and humidity, there are many APIs out there that offer the data you’re looking for. You can create a weather widget, for example, with just the simplest weather data on the market. 

weather api weather widget

Most weather providers simply pull in existing governmental data from sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). But there is more weather data out there. combines traditional weather data sources alongside new sensing technologies, including cell towers, not used by anyone else. This data has the following advantages over data from traditional weather APIs, including:

  • Hyperlocal observation of weather: 500 meter radius observation vs. 2,000-4,000 meters
  • Ground-level tracking: Precipitation as low as 30 feet off the ground vs. over 1,000 feet for radar.
  • Up-to-date data delivery: Many weather APIs can deliver data every minute, but that data can be 5-20 minutes old (or older). delivers updated data every minute.
  • NowCasting: provides minute-by-minute forecast data for 0-6 hours out. Most other APIs provide this data in 1-hour chunks vs. 1-minute.

Why use’s Weather API

Unlike other APIs,’s numerical data and map layers offer hyper-local, minute-by-minute weather data that allow you to build almost anything. When you see how much more data you can access, you may realize you can build something different or more ambitious than your original project.

What does that mean? The API offers data in a variety of formats and timeframes, including: also provides data you might not expect to get from a weather API, including:

  • Air quality – Understanding how the air pollution impacts health
  • Pollen – Tracking multiple types of pollen depending on your area
  • Road risk – A scoring system to help you navigate through and around treacherous roads
  • Fire risk indexThe current risk of fire for a specific location

With this complete suite of weather data and solutions far beyond your standard daily forecast, the options really expand. You can build even more interesting weather projects than you may have imagined with this type of data.

Build more with a better Weather API

No matter what you’re building, you need quality weather data that is easy to work with. That’s why the weather API is build on AWS, Autodesk, REST API using JSON for the requests and the responses, with HTTPS support. 

Not sure where to start? offers in-depth weather API documentation with a ton of information about how to use our API to build your project. There are also multiple pricing tiers available, from our free weather API up to enterprise, depending on your data needs.

But more importantly, you can do so much more with more in-depth and localized weather data. The use cases become far more interesting when you have a different kind of weather API like For instance, you could:

The limit of what you build is really on you — not the replacement for Yahoo weather API that you choose. Whether you’re looking to build a simple weather app or add an interesting pollen feature to your app, you have all the data you need to succeed.

Ready to start building? Get the weather API today. 

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