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The 3 steps child daycares can take to reduce the impact of weather on their business

Managing a daycare is hard work! From unpredictable and energetic children to demanding parents, there’s never a calm day at a daycare. But one thing that makes running a daycare that much more hectic is unexpected weather. It can throw off an entire day from having delays to cancellations to adjusting outdoor time. Here are 3 ways weather impacts your daycare and what you can now do about it using’s hyper-local weather insights for daycares.

  1. Communication: If there’s one thing parents appreciate it’s communication. Not knowing or being surprised isn’t something any parent wants, so the more proactive you can be about your daycare the happier parents will be. The best way to do this is to understand at the beginning of the week how weather will impact your daycare. Rain, snow, or ice, you should automatically send out a message to parents warning them days in advance which days you plan to be closed or will have a delay. It allows everyone to make alternative plans and keeps sanity levels (including your own) in a good place.
  2. Managing Child Safety: The number one concern for parents is of course the safety of their children. By better understanding when your daycare will experience hazardous weather conditions like lightning, you can better protect both your kids and staff, and you’ll never have to worry about getting caught unexpectedly outside and having to rush kids indoors. In addition, you can monitor high temperatures and high humidity levels to know when kids are at advanced risk of dehydration so you can be prepared ahead of time with fluids, keeping both your kids safe and parents impressed.
  3. Planning and Scheduling: Getting stuck in the rain on a walk is the worst, and it doesn’t have to happen. You should be able to know exactly when rain will start and stop on any given walking route or outdoor area. That way, you can plan your days ahead of time between indoor and outdoor time. You can also better plan for any maintenance you’ll need. For instance, if you know there’s going to be icy conditions three days from now you can automatically contact maintenance workers so they’re prepared ahead of time.

Sound interesting? It’s actually quite simple to manage against the weather in all 3 of these ways with’s child daycare insights app. Everything is done for you and unique to your exact daycare location. Finally, with the ability to send automated alerts and messages to parents and staff based on the impact of future weather you’ll be able to operate your daycare much more efficiently.

Check it out now and stay ahead of the weather once and for all!

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