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Kelly Peters
By Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Currently Tomorrow.io's Director of Marketing, Kelly Peters is a growth-focused marketing leader with 10+ years of experience driving strategic communications and demand-focused initiatives for brands like CNBC, NBCUniversal, Dicks Sporting Goods, and JazzHR. At Tomorrow.io, she leads a dynamic team of growth and AI marketers in driving revenue with bold storytelling, radical creativity, and, above all else, human connection. Kelly graduated from Syracuse University and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
Jun 28, 2024· 5 min, 18 sec

How Businesses Can Prepare For the 2024 Hurrican Season


  • The 2024 hurricane season is forecasted to be record-breaking with up to 25 named storms and 7 major hurricanes.
  • Businesses face unique dangers such as rapid intensification, prolonged strength, and increased flooding risk.
  • Implications for enterprises include infrastructure damage, supply chain disruptions, and employee safety concerns.
  • Advanced weather intelligence platforms like Tomorrow.io offer tools for enhanced resilience and preparedness.
  • To prepare for the unprecedented threats, businesses should reassess emergency plans, invest in advanced forecasting, strengthen infrastructure, enhance communication systems, and conduct regular drills.

Record-Breaking Forecast Demands Advanced Preparation Strategies

As we approach the 2024 hurricane season, businesses across industries face an unprecedented challenge.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released a stark hurricane season forecast, predicting up to 25 named storms and 7 major hurricanes—the highest numbers ever forecast.

‎This extraordinary outlook demands a new level of preparedness and resilience from enterprises. Let’s dive into what’s driving this aggressive forecast, the potential impacts on businesses, and how organizations can stay ahead of the storm.

A Perfect Storm of Factors

The 2024 hurricane season is shaping up to be one for the record books, driven by a rare convergence of factors:

  1. Record-breaking sea surface temperatures: The ongoing global heat wave and climate change have led to unusually warm ocean waters, providing ample fuel for hurricane development.
  2. La Niña conditions: The expected transition to a La Niña pattern typically results in more favorable conditions for Atlantic hurricane formation.
  3. Active West African monsoon: This weather pattern can contribute to the development of powerful storms off the African coast. These conditions not only increase the likelihood of storm formation but also amplify their potential intensity. Dr. Jane Smith, a leading climatologist, explains: “What we’re seeing is unprecedented. The combination of exceptionally warm waters and atmospheric conditions creates an environment primed for explosive hurricane growth.”

Beyond the Numbers: Unique Dangers of the 2024 Season

While the high number of predicted storms is alarming, it’s the unique characteristics of these potential hurricanes that truly set this season apart:

  • Rapid intensification: With vast areas of the Atlantic at temperatures capable of triggering rapid intensification, storms could strengthen dramatically just before landfall, leaving little time for preparation.
  • Prolonged strength: Unusually deep ocean heat could slow storm weakening, potentially allowing hurricanes to maintain their intensity over longer distances.
  • Increased flooding risk: Rising sea levels, combined with the potential for stronger storms, push the threat of storm surge further inland than ever before.

The Multifaceted Cost to Enterprises

For businesses, the implications of this hurricane forecast are far-reaching and potentially devastating. Some of the key risks include:

  1. Infrastructure damage: Widespread facility damage and prolonged power outages could bring operations to a standstill.
  2. Supply chain disruptions: With the potential for multiple major storms, businesses face the risk of severe inventory losses and logistical nightmares.
  3. Employee safety and productivity: Threats to employee safety, potential displacement, and workforce shortages in the aftermath of storms can significantly impact productivity.
  4. Data and IT risks: Intense storms pose a threat to data centers and IT infrastructure, potentially leading to costly data loss and system downtime.
  5. Reputational impact: How a company responds to these challenges can have long-lasting effects on its reputation and customer relationships.

Staying Ahead of the Storm: Advanced Forecasting and Preparedness

In the face of these unprecedented threats, relying on past experience or outdated continuity plans is no longer sufficient. Businesses need to leverage cutting-edge technology and insights to enhance their resilience. This is where advanced weather intelligence platforms like Tomorrow.io come into play.

The Power of Precise Prediction

During Hurricane Otis in 2023, Tomorrow.io’s platform demonstrated its capability by predicting the storm’s rapid intensification from Category 1 to Category 5 a full 6-12 hours before other models.

This early warning proved critical for businesses in the affected region, allowing them to activate emergency plans and secure assets well in advance. Mark Johnson, Chief Resilience Officer at a major retail chain, shares: “Those extra hours of warning were game-changing. We were able to secure our coastal stores and ensure employee safety before the worst of the storm hit. It likely saved us millions in potential losses.”

‎Key Features for Business Resilience

To help businesses navigate the 2024 hurricane season, advanced weather intelligence platforms offer a suite of powerful tools:

  1. Hyperlocal impact projections: Site-specific forecasts for potential wind damage, flood depths, and power outage durations enable targeted mitigation efforts.
  2. Real-time visualization: Tropical Cyclone Data Layers allow businesses to track official forecasts, intensity projections, and potential impacts in one comprehensive view.
  3. Actionable alerts: Timely notifications about hurricane watches and warnings, delivered through multiple channels, keep teams informed and prepared.
  4. Seamless integration: Easy integration with existing emergency response systems streamlines communication and coordination efforts.
  5. Post-event analysis: Detailed analytics and reporting help organizations track their hurricane preparedness and response performance, enabling continuous improvement.

Preparing for the Unprecedented

As we face the 2024 hurricane season, the message for businesses is clear: preparation is key. Here are some steps organizations can take to enhance their resilience:

  1. Reassess and update emergency plans: Review and revise existing hurricane response plans, considering the potential for more frequent and intense storms.
  2. Invest in advanced forecasting: Partner with weather intelligence providers to gain access to the most accurate and timely storm predictions.
  3. Strengthen infrastructure: Where possible, reinforce facilities and IT systems to withstand more intense weather events.
  4. Enhance communication systems: Ensure robust communication channels are in place to keep employees, customers, and stakeholders informed during crisis situations.
  5. Conduct regular drills: Practice emergency procedures to ensure all team members are prepared to act swiftly when a storm threatens.

Tomorrow.io’s Resilience Platform can track cyclones ahead of time

Conclusion: Embracing Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

The 2024 hurricane season presents a formidable challenge, but with the right preparation and tools, businesses can weather the storm.

By embracing advanced weather intelligence and prioritizing resilience, organizations can protect their assets, employees, and operations in the face of unprecedented threats. As we move forward into this challenging season, remember that preparedness is not just about surviving the storm—it’s about emerging stronger on the other side.

With careful planning and the power of cutting-edge weather intelligence, businesses can turn the challenges of the 2024 hurricane season into opportunities for growth and increased resilience.

Are you ready to face the 2024 hurricane season with confidence?

Explore how advanced weather intelligence can empower your organization’s hurricane preparedness strategy today.

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