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May 19, 2022· 3 min, 22 sec

ESG Pioneer Bruce Simpson Joins as Strategic Advisor


With climate risk increasing, and regulators as well as investors and consumers demanding more transparent disclosure, Simpson identifies rapid climate adaptation as crucial in delivering sustainability goals, as well as more efficient operations

Boston, May, 19 2022 – The Tomorrow Companies Inc. (“”), the world’s leading weather and climate security platform, today announced Bruce Simpson is joining the company as a strategic advisor. Senior Advisor to Blackstone and Mckinsey & Company on ESG/Purpose, Simpson advises on how companies can deliver positive societal impact, and long term shareholder benefits, through their core business. He coaches boards and top teams across multiple sectors worldwide to integrate ESG/Purpose into strategy, and execution, in new ways: developing an authentic narrative, lowering risk, increasing employee engagement, delivering growth and returns along with societal impact. Simpson joins at a time when every boardroom around the world has climate risk, ESG and sustainability as top strategic priorities. Beyond the inevitable mandates from the SEC which were reignited last month, the World Economic Forum also reported “extreme weather” as the number one top global risk by perceived likelihood in their Global Risks Report last year.

In addition to his leadership and advisory support to Blackstone and Mckinsey & Company, Simpson is a business leader deeply committed to human rights. He is a global board member of Human Rights Watch, and is engaged across several other NGO’s in the areas of refugees, health, environment, micro finance, diversity and women’s empowerment. He previously spent 33 years at McKinsey where he led the global ESG/ Purpose Practice. Prior to that he led the Canadian Practice, and convened the Operations Practice, the largest practice globally, as well as serving on McKinsey’s global board. He has also led global initiatives on innovation, knowledge development, diversity inclusion and belonging, and people leadership.

“It’s incredibly powerful for us to be building the next generation of technology focused on climate adaptation with Bruce, a mastermind in building global ESG and operations practices across the Fortune 2000,” says Dan Slagen, CMO of “Bruce fully understands the pressure boardrooms and executives face today in improving operational performance, as well as delivering against climate risk, sustainability concerns and ESG goals. He has an unmatched track record of implementing in all these areas together, as part of integrated operational innovations at scale.”

As companies embark on the next generation of sustainability and ESG goals, the impact of more frequent and volatile weather events creates a significant deterrent in predicting and ensuring operational efficiency. By using a weather and climate security platform, companies are able to predict the business impact of weather versus simply receiving weather data, and automate operational procedures and communication protocols to mitigate inefficiencies in real-time. For example, instead of a railroad receiving a weather alert forecasting “high winds on Tuesday,”’s platform alerts stakeholders in advance to “Slow down your trains at 10:30 AM on Tuesday at mile marker 23 to avoid derailment.”

“What executives are quickly understanding in regard to weather impact, is that if done correctly, implementing more sustainable operations also means more efficient operations,” says Simpson. “The key in being successful, however, is directly tied to climate adaptation. Being able to consistently and accurately predict the impact of weather in advance, enables organizations to make operational decisions that were not possible before- meeting both operational and ESG goals. Furthermore, I am really excited about’s dedication to cutting-edge proprietary technology – demonstrated by their first-of-its-kind satellite program and weather and climate security software platform.”

While Simpson has been working on a number of impactful initiatives across the ecosystem, he also recently presented at the 2022 ESG and Climate Adaptation Awards in May at ClimaCon,’s annual weather intelligence conference. The awards will recognize a select and elite group of companies excelling in their climate adaptation execution and sustainable operations strategies. To learn more, visit’s announcement page.

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