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Jul 15, 2019· 1 min, 15 sec Launches HyperCast 2.0: A Revolutionary Weather Forecasting Platform Businesses Can Actually Rely On, the weather technology company, today announced the launch of HyperCast 2.0, its hyper accurate weather forecasting platform. Already in use by companies across weather-sensitive industries — aviation, construction, outdoor events, on-demand companies, drones, energy, and transportation — HyperCast gives customers answers to their specific weather questions, allowing them to optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets, reduce losses, and seize business opportunities.

HyperCast is based on’s Weather Operating System (Weather OS), which combines Weather-of-Things data, everything from cell tower signals to data from connected cars, airplanes, drones and IoT devices, with AI-driven models that analyze the data at unprecedented resolutions (hundreds of meters instead of kilometers and minutes instead of hours). The result is minute-by-minute, street-by-street level forecasts that support our customers’ decisions every day.

The new version of HyperCast takes’s unique weather forecasting platform to the next level. With the same level of accuracy and reliability, HyperCast 2.0 offers an enhanced user experience, updated infrastructure for quick deployment of new features, such as impact analysis, and new layers, map views, and timeline.

Effie Artidi, Chief Product Officer at, commented: “Reliable weather forecasts are essential, not a nice-to-have. Knowing when to expect snow or high-speed winds, or where exactly lightning will strike, and when, is critical to businesses. It impacts everything from staffing overtime to maintenance needs, supply & demand expectations, customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, safety. It’s time businesses have the level of accuracy they need with insights tailored to their specific business questions.”

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