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Nov 15, 2019· 1 min, 57 sec Collaborates with AWS to Distribute Hyper-Local Historical Weather Data, a weather technology company, announced today that it will provide access to its historical weather data sets on AWS Data Exchange, a new service that makes it easy for millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.’s historical weather data will be used by AWS customers seeking to train their AI models. 

AWS Data Exchange subscribers who use these data sets will gain access to exclusive hyper-local historical gridded weather data, derived from a global network of Weather of Things sensors – wireless signals, connected cars, airplanes, street cameras, drones, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. By unlocking business insights that facilitate greatly enhanced decision making, technology will catalyze real time, data driven action for AWS Data Exchange subscribers.’s historical data sets can help businesses predict the specific impact of specific weather parameters on their operations, as well as understand their customers’ weather-related behaviour. 

The first three products on AWS Data Exchange are: an hourly data set for all of 2018, a November-December 2018 hourly data set; and a free hourly data set of the first week of September 2018. In the near future will be adding more high resolution data sets – minute-by-minute, less than 500 meters resolution, and dating years back – tailored to users who use weather to train AI.

“We are delighted to welcome to AWS Data Exchange,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager, AWS Data Exchange, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By leveraging AWS Data Exchange for their new data subscriptions, can spend more time providing its weather data and less time storing and maintaining data sets.”

“By leveraging the power of AWS, we can help enterprise customers who aren’t weather experts save valuable time every day, thanks to our friction-free, intuitive MicroWeather operating system. With AWS Data Exchange, will provide hyper-local, continuously updated databases that allow subscribers from a wide variety of industries to better anticipate supply and demand, forecast business performance, train their business models and support strategic decision making. By running these products in AWS Data Exchange, subscribers will be in a much better position to effectively manage and grow their weather-sensitive businesses,” said Shimon Elkabetz, the CEO and Co-Founder of 

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