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Grace Gagnon
By Grace Gagnon
Grace Gagnon
Grace Gagnon
Grace Gagnon is the Product Marketing Manager of's B2C app. She previously worked at ProfitWell, a pricing optimization platform. Prior to entering the startup world, Grace worked as a television news reporter at WBNG-TV, where she covered severe weather and breaking news. Outside of, Grace enjoys reading, walking her dog, and crafting.
Mar 31, 2021· 0 min, 24 sec

ClimaCell announces $77 million in new funding alongside name change

“Extreme weather events are like cyberattacks. In the same way states and organizations prepare for surprise attacks on their computer systems, they must prepare for unexpected weather that can severely harm their routine activities,” Shimon Elkabetz, the CEO of weather forecasting startup Inc., told Calcalist. The Boston-based company that was founded by Israelis announced on Tuesday that it has completed a $77 million funding round and that it is changing its name to

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