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Cara Hogan
By Cara Hogan
Cara Hogan
Cara Hogan
Cara Hogan is the VP of Enterprise Marketing at, the world’s weather intelligence platform. Previously, she worked at Zaius, an ecommerce marketing platform, and InsightSquared, a SaaS analytics company. Before transitioning to marketing, she worked as a journalist at a number of publications, including the Boston Globe. When she isn’t writing, podcasting, or filming, she’s surfing, rock climbing, or reading a good book.
Aug 13, 2020· 4 min, 38 sec

Announcing ClimaCon 2020: The Weather Intelligence Conference

Update: ClimaCon 2020 is over, but you can watch all the sessions now!

_________________________________________________________________________________ is thrilled to announce ClimaCon: The Weather Intelligence Conference!

The truth is, weather forecasting isn’t sufficient anymore. People and businesses need to know what to do and they need to know in advance. The future is weather intelligence, and that future has arrived.

The impact of unexpected weather costs trillions and constantly puts people at risk. For businesses, unplanned weather slows shipments and supply chain schedules, delays on-demand deliveries and ETAs, damages cargo and assets, makes insurance and energy prediction impossible, and puts employees at risk of both hazardous working conditions and harmful air quality. The problem is that weather forecasts aren’t helpful anymore. Businesses need to know what to do and they need to know in advance.

With Weather Intelligence, however, you don’t just get the forecast — you get the predictive operational impact of incoming weather so your business can optimize decisions ahead of time.

The world’s leading companies that you rely on every day such as Uber, Delta, Ford, National Grid, ITS ConGlobal, already rely on weather intelligence to power their operations and business decisions. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the weather industry’s first-ever ClimaCon 2020: The Weather Intelligence Conference, where in addition to amazing speakers and content, will be unveiling a brand new product launch that will change the weather industry forever. 

ClimaCon is the live digital event where you will hear from industry leaders on how they use predictive weather intelligence to:

  • Save millions on global operational costs and staffing
  • Improve ETAs for delivery and on-demand by 25%
  • Avoid $10M accidents across the supply chain vertical
  • Unlock substantial new revenue opportunities for insurance and energy companies
  • Dominate the 2020 NASCAR season

On September 15 at 9 AM EST, you’ll learn the latest developments on how leading executives in your own industry are innovating with cutting-edge strategies. You can attend the all-day event, or simply attend the individual sessions most relevant to you and your business. Here is the agenda and schedule:

ClimaCon 2020: The Weather Intelligence Conference

September 15 at 9 AM EST 

ClimaCon Keynote: The State of the Weather Industry for Enterprise Businesses

9:00-10:00am EST

Stephanie Durante, Vice President of Game Operations at the NFL
Dan Slagen, CMO at
Alan Hawley, CRO at
Effie Arditi, CPO at

Description: What is the state of the weather industry today and where is it going tomorrow? Learn how the NFL uses weather intelligence to create a seamless experience for hundreds of thousands of fans across the US – no matter the weather.

Supply Chain Panel: Optimizing Supply Chains for Safety, Security, Efficiency, and Velocity

10:00–10:45am EST

Bill Hamlin, Partner, Grey Wolf Group, former COO of ITS ConGlobal
Cole Swain, Director of Product Management at

Description: It’s no surprise that the weather has a massive impact on the modern global supply chain. The industry – from trucking to rail to intermodal transport – loses billions of dollars in weather-driven delays each year. Learn how weather intelligence can optimize the supply chain at every step in the journey.

Technology Panel: How Weather Impacts On-Demand and Tech

10:45–11:30am EST

David Fine, Senior Product Manager at Dynamic Yield
Ariel Smoliar, Product Manager of Navigation, Mapbox
Ali Noel, Director of Product Marketing at

Description: Learn how tech and on-demand leaders can take advantage of weather data for better targeted marketing, demand forecasting, and optimization.

Safety & Efficiency Panel: Don’t Let Weather Get in the Way of Business Operations

11:30am–12:15pm EST

Satish Talmale, Chief Operating Officer at IndiGrid
Manya Ranjan, Chief Asset Officer at Sterlite Power
Ian Deason, Senior VP of Customer Experience at JetBlue Airways
Monica Leal, Energy and Insurance Lead at

Description: Whether there’s a major storm or just day-to-day weather, companies have to be proactive and get ahead of the weather. Learn how weather intelligence is helping energy companies and airlines offer safer and more reliable service to their customers. Driving Prosperity in Africa Through Weather

12:15–1:00pm EST

Efosa Ojomo, Global Prosperity Lead at Clayton Christensen Institute
Dr. Bernard Kiplimo, Minister of Agriculture for Nandi County, Kenya
Ronald Diang’a, Executive Chairman for Kenarava
Georgina Campbell Flatter, Director at

Description: What is the “prosperity paradox”? Learn how we can use weather intelligence to enable agricultural prosperity in Africa and power a global shift in how the development sector is tackling extreme poverty.

Partner Panel: Taking Control with Weather Intelligence

1:30–2:15pm EST

Ian Tallet, VP of Partnerships at
Shane Glass, Developer Advocate at Google
Raquel Rodrigo Musat, Innovation Partnership Manager at Amadeus
Doug Gibson, Partnerships and Business Development at Procore

Description: How does weather affect the day-to-day business operations of your customers? Learn how technological innovation can drive improvements in safety, productivity and analytics to take control of operations.

Technology Talk: The Future of Weather Technology

2:15–3:00pm EST

Daniel Rothenberg, PhD, Chief Scientist at
Luke Peffers, PhD, SVP, Head of NWP Division at

Description: continues to make big investments into “big weather data.” When we say big, we mean big – datasets in the tens or hundreds of terabytes. Learn what we’re doing with all that data, and what is the next step in the future of weather technology.

As your company adapts to the challenges of 2020, learn how weather intelligence can put you on the cutting edge of weather technology and operational capabilities.

Missed ClimaCon? Watch the replay now!

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