What is Accumulation of LWE Snow?

Liquid Water Equivalent (LWE) of snow measures the amount of water contained within the snowpack if it were melted, presented in inches or millimeters. LWE provides an assessment of the snowpack’s water content, crucial for hydrological studies and water resource management. Meteorologists consider the forecast liquid water content of an upcoming snow event relative to atmospheric temperatures to adjust the ratio used to convert the liquid amount to snow accumulation.

This measurement is given for the  liquid water equivalent of the accumulated amount of new snowfall that has or will accumulate for the past or future hour of the requested time

What is the Impact of Accumulation of LWE Snow?

Liquid Water Equivalent of Snow helps in predicting spring runoff volumes, assessing flood risks, and managing water reservoirs. It is essential for regions where snowmelt significantly contributes to the water supply.