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Weather Intelligence for Automotive Operations

Use ClimaCell to increase revenue by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing safety risks.

Weather Intelligence for Automotive Operations

“High-definition, microweather information supports multiple mobility and AV [autonomous vehicle] initiatives, including route planning, the services we can offer via FordPass, and sharing information via the Transportation Mobility Cloud”

Marcy Klevorn, Head of Mobility at Ford

Marcy Klevorn, Head of Mobility at Ford


Forget the Forecast. Use ClimaCell.


Increase efficiency and revenue


Minimize safety risks


Reduce operating costs

What's the Cost of Not Using ClimaCell?

What Makes ClimaCell So Special for Automotive Operations?

  • 24/7 hyperlocal minute-by-minute weather insights at the street level
  • Turn weather data into actions like: slow down, take a different route, or watch out for ice
  • Integrate alerts directly into your vehicle operating system

We’re Talking About Millions in Operational Strategy

  • 22% of car accidents in the US are the result of weather-related road conditions
  • Traffic accidents in the U.S. cost $871 billion a year

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End-to-End Automotive Operations Optimization

See exactly when, where, and how weather will impact your company in one simple dashboard.

Improve routing to avoid weather delays
Reduce energy consumption by 20%
Offer proactive alerts for severe storms

So You Can Take Control

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Gain traction in inclement weather
Increase electric vehicle range up to 41%
Improve overall driver saftey