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Netafim Case Study

Saving Water by the Raindrop

Netbeat™ Background

Netafim, who led the world’s first revolution in precision agriculture more than 50 years ago with its pioneering drip irrigation, today brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of agronomy and hydraulics to lead the digital farming revolution.

NetBeat™ provides farmers with real-time recommendations based on data pertaining to plant, soil and weather conditions obtained from both the field and external sources.

This data is analyzed in the cloud, according to proprietary Dynamic Crop Models, based on 50 years of Netafim’s unique experience and research in the field of agronomy and hydraulics. Based entirely on Israeli technology, NetBeat™ is the first platform of its kind to integrate monitoring, analysis and automation in one system, controlled by the farmer through a friendly and simple user interface, that provides optimization and smart recommendations throughout all stages of the crop lifecycle, saving water, fertilizer and other inputs and improving profitability.

The smartest machine brains require the highest quality information to learn and support decisions. That’s why Netafim® has partnered with for the world’s most accurate weather data. Weather Solution provides by-the-minute MicroWeather forecasts at ground-level, where plants grow. With smarter weather data, NetBeat helps farmers irrigate according to farm-specific conditions. By using’s API, NetBeat receives precipitation intensity and classification as well as other parameters to improve its Dynamic Crop Models™.

Irrigation programs can now be generated on the go and changed as often as the weather, with hectare-based information.’s API provides more accurate temperature, humidity, and wind data. Beyond the data is resolution. High-definition forecasting can help NetBeat users prepare for more extreme conditions. For example, in case of frost, farmers will be notified when and where to use Netafim’s frost mitigation system to prevent frost on leaves or buds. The higher resolution provided by gives a comprehensive view of the fields and segmented views of each hectare, which benefits high-precision irrigation systems.

Weather doesn’t take a break – neither does

NetBeat’s brain will keep local farmers informed in real-time. Whether maize, potatoes, coffee, or sugarcane, it will be able to craft custom alerts and plans per crop. We can’t control the weather, but we can make decisions that use less water, saving time and precious resources.

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