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How Walbridge Minimized Weather Impact and Maintained Cost and Schedule Using Tomorrow.io’s Resilience Platform

    Detroit, Mich. – Walbridge projects across the country can identify incoming hazardous conditions better by utilizing the Tomorrow.io advanced software weather intelligence and climate adaptation platform.

    Empowering Organizations with Advanced Weather Intelligence

    Tomorrow.io is a start-up based in Boston that empowers global leaders like JetBlue, Fox Sports, The United States Air Force, Ford, and Uber to solve their weather and climate-related challenges. Backed by next-generation space technology, cutting-edge generative AI, and proprietary modeling capabilities, the company’s products allow organizations to predict impact, mitigate risk, and ensure operational resilience around weather and climate.

    For Walbridge, the technology provides excellent insights to best prepare for safety measures and operational impact.

    Enhancing Safety and Operational Efficiency at Walbridge

    “Tomorrow.io allows Walbridge jobsites to mitigate and minimize weather impact, which helps us maintain our cost and schedule,” Walbridge Senior Vice President Eric Twigg said. “Tomorrow.io synthesizes all the weather information. It makes automated decisions on what and when a weather alert goes out, and we program what the alert is and what triggers it.”

    Apart from the ability to mitigate and minimize weather impact, Walbridge’s use has provided several additional benefits to jobsites:

    • Centralized weather information and alert resource
    • Ability to immediately communicate accurately across jobsites
    • Immediate information on complex weather-related issues
    • Better capacity to identify both future and immediate risk

    Twigg gave the example of severe thunderstorms entering near a jobsite. With Tomorrow.io, teams are more accurately aware of lightning strikes, allowing teams to get tradespeople and jobsite operations to safety during an automatic shutdown.

    “While the weather is always unpredictable, this tool has provided an interactive risk analysis for us to best protect our teams,” Twigg said.

    Real-Life Impact: Adapting to Weather Impact at Ford Motor Company’s BlueOval City

    Jamie Insogna, a Walbridge Health, Safety and Environmental Senior Engineer working at Ford Motor Company’s BlueOval City jobsite, said the software has proved valuable in predicting weather events.

    “Recently, we had five inches of rain over a weekend and the software predicted every event, each day,” Insogna said. “We’ve provided exact coordinates of buildings, so we can let teams know that a specific building will receive an amount of rain from this time to this time.”

    She added it’s played a critical factor in safety, allowing teams to get automatic texts when there are upcoming weather events.

    Twigg, who leads Walbridge’s Innovation, Technology, Quality and Lean initiatives, explained Tomorrow.io has worked directly with Walbridge teams to identify best practices, future update opportunities and provide training.

    Adapting Technology to Each Project’s Needs

    “One of the key impacts of this technology has been adapting it to each project’s needs,” he said. “As we’ve dialed it in with each use, the safety and impact has been impressive.”


    About Walbridge

    Walbridge, a U.S. top-40 construction, design, and real estate services firm, is built on a century of growth, innovation, and uncompromising commitment to its core values. Regularly named among the Nation’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For, Walbridge is an industry pioneer in safety, sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion. With more than 1,500 team members, and offices in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Brazil, Walbridge utilizes its integrated approach to serve our suppliers, customers and communities to build for good.

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