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Case Study

How Knoxville Raceway is Leveraging’s MicroWeather Insights

Meet Knoxville Raceway

Knoxville Raceway has transformed the heart of Iowa into the “Sprint Car Capital of the World.” Every weekend between April and September for the past 66 years races have been held here. The excitement peaks in August, when the Raceway hosts the most important sprint car event in the United States, the Knoxville Nationals. Fans and drivers from all over the world descend on the Knoxville Raceway, filling the 22,000-seat grandstand and 850 camping spots.

Meet Knoxville Raceway
The Challenge

The Challenge

Dirt Dislikes Unplanned Water

Weather plays a major role in Knoxville Raceway’s ability to execute track operations and provide a safe environment during events. The unique type of dirt used on the Raceway is particularly susceptible to small amounts of precipitation due to its water bearing qualities, creating delays and cancellations.

In the early 2019 race season and before it started using’s weather forecasts, Knoxville Raceway had to cancel four races because of precipitation. Two of these weather events were completely unforeseen by traditional weather companies. In addition, lightning forecasts continued to be a major gap on ensuring fans safety during the race.

With fans and drivers arriving from across the country, unanticipated cancellations or delays were causing Knoxville Raceway to lose tens-of-thousands of dollars due to towing costs, lost sponsorships, staffing and marketing fees. That is, until stepped in.

Continuously Updated, Customizable Weather Insights

By leveraging's dashboard and its alerts for precipitation and lightning, Knoxville Raceway was able to improve safety standards, enhance event operations and reduce costs related to race cancellations and delays.

On the evening of Saturday, June 15th, 2019, forecasted a specific window of time during which there were good conditions for a race. Knoxville Raceway used this insight to run most of the scheduled races. At the beginning of the night, before the races had started, Knoxville Raceway received unique lightning alerts and evacuated the grandstands safely.

The Solution

The Solution

Thanks to Knoxville Raceway was able to capitalize on the good weather, save money and ensure the safety of thousands of fans, drivers and crew members.


“The lightning alerts and forecast are amazing. I have used other lightning services for years and they’re nowhere near as quick or accurate as”

John McCoy, Race Director, Knoxville Raceway
John McCoy
Race Director, Knoxville Raceway