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Weather Intelligence for Government Solutions

Use ClimaCell to improve efficiency and expand your operational capabilities.

Weather Intelligence for Government Solutions

ClimaCell’s Governmental Advisory Board

“ClimaCell delivers precision weather predictions to decision-makers and operators: executives, frontline managers, logisticians. And precision weather — accurate, reliable and on-time — can significantly impact value, whether you seek safety, profit, or effectiveness.”

LTG Douglas Lute, USA (Ret.)
LTG Douglas Lute, USA (Ret.)

“ClimaCell's revolutionary predictive impact technology completely changes the way we can strategically utilize the weather for both real-time and future operational planning.”

Lt. Gen. Thomas Waskow, USAF (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. Thomas Waskow, USAF (Ret.)

Forget the Forecast. Use ClimaCell.

Get localized actionable weather insights for your operations

ClimaCell helps military, federal, state, and local governments take control of their operations and make better operational decisions.


Increase efficiency and revenue


Minimize safety risks


Reduce operating costs

Use Cases

Defense & Intelligence
Support defense & intelligence missions by providing an interoperable system for planning and execution, and, ultimately, better decision making.

Federal & Civilian
Understand weather’s impact on planned operations to optimize spending, maximize effectiveness, and increase transparency for the public.

State & Local
Gain localized insights into weather’s impact on your citizens. Use our insights dashboard to improve communication and public safety.

End-to-End Operations Optimization

See exactly when, where, and how weather will impact your operations in one simple dashboard.

Historical insights
Hyperlocal targeting
API integration

So You Can Take Control

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