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Complex Event Processing’s science team has been behind some of the biggest innovations in the weather. Learn more about the technology behind works with our overview dashboard concept
Henry Katz

Henry Katz,

Chief Technical Officer

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We have the most innovative industry talent 100% dedicated to creating cutting edge technology and significantly improving forecasting capabilities for everyone on Earth.

1Forecast (1F)’s proprietary 1 Forecast (1F) aggregates in real-time data from existing numerical weather prediction models including those from NOAA and ECMWF, as well as our proprietary numerical weather prediction model in an automated and seamless way. Learn more about 1 Forecast. dashboard

Scientific Leadership Team’s science team has been behind some of the biggest innovations in the weather industry in over a decade.

The team is a made up of an amazing group of meteorologists, analysts, and PhD recipients in Atmospheric Sciences, Wind Energy, Electrical Engineering and other fields, and is the backbone of everything we do here at

Henry Katz

Chief Technical Officer

Luke Peffers, PhD

Chief Weather Officer

S. M. Iman Gohari, PhD

Director of Science

Amir Givati, PhD

Operational Flood Modeling Consultant

Logan Karsten

Principal Atmospheric Scientist

John L'Heureux

Senior Atmospheric Data Scientist

Max Marchand, PhD

Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Yu Cheng, PhD

Atmospheric Data Scientist

Allison Harris, PhD

Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Andre Pattantyus, PhD

Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Chris Hovanic, CCM Expert Meteorologist Team Lead

Reece Todd Senior Expert Meteorologist

Micheal Huguet Senior Expert Meteorologist

Nick Biermann Expert Meteorologist

Jim Bishop Expert Meteorologist

Daniel Rothenberg, PhD

Luke Peffers, PhD

Chief Weather Officer

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The proprietary models and machine learning algorithms our team is constantly iterating on are truly remarkable advancements to unlock new levels of critical decision making in real-time.

Validation Practice

At, we have made it a top priority to build a validation practice to constantly monitor weather data that we deliver and to optimize our solution.

Best practices for weather validation executive summary (pdf)Technical approach guidelines for data analysts (pdf)

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