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With Climate Wreaking Havoc, Announces Global Early Warning System Product for Cities and Countries

The warning systems will help governments better prepare for, mitigate, and adapt to the ever-growing number of climate related challenges facing leaders today

BOSTON –, the world’s leading weather intelligence platform today announced the launch of its global early warning system designed specifically for municipalities and national governments. With an evolving climate bringing more volatile and destructive weather, cities and countries everywhere find themselves at the mercy of outdated prediction systems, leaving communities vulnerable and unprepared.’s global early warning system consists of three core components. First, the weather data, observations and models feeding’s platform encompasses a proprietary approach including the world’s first cloud-native Numerical Weather Prediction model. Second, hyperlocal weather forecasts are available to users via an interactive map showing the next 14 days of expected impact. The third and final component to’s early warning system are predictive insights, which act as automated recommendations telling users precisely what protocols to follow and when in advance of weather impact.

“No matter where you look it’s clear that we’re losing the fight against extreme weather events, and our global early warning systems are here to level the playing field,” said Rei Goffer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at “As the world continues to set new records for extreme weather events,costing people’s wellbeing and trillions of dollars in economic damages, governments need to urgently up their game when it comes to preparation, mitigation and climate adaptation.” recently completed its first year of testing the global early warning system product with specific test cities around the world, including North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to improve climate adaptation capabilities. The core focus areas for governments start with predicting and protecting its population against major storms including hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and more.’s global early warning systems come at a time when the planet is seeing record years for hurricanes and wildfires, with more than $4 trillion of assets at risk. Climate-based famines are also growing in intensity, with as much as 10% of Africa’s food production at risk in the near future. With extreme weather cited as the leading global risk by the World Economic Foundation, the time for climate adaptation is now. The company is also launching its own satellites starting in the coming months to significantly improve global forecasting well beyond its already-industry-leading capabilities.

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