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Apr 26, 2018· 2 min, 24 sec

Upgrading Travel Personalization with Big Weather Data

Travelers expect their world to be on-demand when they’re on the go, but many travel apps don’t take advantage of highly personalized travel planning alerts when it comes to weather. Since travelers want information served up 24/7, many travel apps include personal alerts about pricing and other deals. It doesn’t stop at on-demand; travelers are accustomed to experiences curated just for them by machine learning technologies. No matter where you go, the weather forecast plays a key role in travel plans, but weather personalization can be complicated for travel app and service providers.

With more choices than ever, people average 2.3 travel apps installed on their mobile devices, with some jet-setters using 10 or more. For travelers, this means arranging their travel and checking the destination city’s weather on separate apps. Indeed, no list of top travel apps is complete without mention of a dedicated weather app – but many of the top travel apps could benefit from integrating weather. Any app that helps users book travel should also tell them what the destination’s weather will be like, but surprisingly, many of the most popular travel apps, such as TripAdvisor and don’t integrate weather alerts at all.

The good news is that travel apps aiming to win user engagement via personalization can turn to the most advanced weather APIs – which will tell their customers if it will rain on their chosen airport, train station, vacation destination, or bungalow rental. And that’s not all – travel apps of all types can push weather updates all along a traveler’s journey.

Since the weather is one of the most engaging subjects from social media to the water cooler, any app or service providing a tailored mobile weather feature stands to gain user engagement at a whole new level.  There’s an opportunity because traditional solutions are not truly personalized – they zoom in to city level only – while weather can vary dramatically from street to the next. A travel developer integrating an API like’s will provide users with a MicroWeather view of destinations zoomed in to specific hotels, routes, and entertainment venues, and will get to send individual alerts – for individual locations. An API like this is able to send out mobile alerts to travelers using a variety of apps, such as:

  • Trip planning and management apps
  • Airline apps
  • Packing assistants
  • Navigation apps
  • Experience booking apps
  • Crowdsourced review apps
  • Tourism apps
  • Ski and golf condition apps

Today, travelers can select destinations with confidence, pack with certainty, and relax knowing their favorite travel apps will send them a personal alert the moment they catch wind of personally relevant shifting weather conditions. Advanced weather APIs can add immense value to a range of apps in the travel space — try today to start sending real time alerts to your travelers and give them MicroWeather forecasts no matter where they trek.

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