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Kelly Peters
By Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Currently's Director of Marketing, Kelly Peters is a growth-focused marketing leader with 10+ years of experience driving strategic communications and demand-focused initiatives for brands like CNBC, NBCUniversal, Dicks Sporting Goods, and JazzHR. At, she leads a dynamic team of growth and AI marketers in driving revenue with bold storytelling, radical creativity, and, above all else, human connection. Kelly graduated from Syracuse University and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
Feb 15, 2022· 2 min, 50 sec

Weather Intelligence: Top Takeaways From ClimaCon 2021

ClimaCon 2022 is back!

ClimaCon 2022,’s weather and climate security conference, is less than three months away—and this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.

Now in its third year, ClimaCon brings together the most notable voices across all industries to discuss our global weather impact, corporate sustainability, climate security as a whole, and more. This year’s event will be held virtually on May 11-12, 2022 and have a special focus on topics like ESG. We can’t wait to announce all of the amazing speakers soon and will be keeping registrants up-to-date with exclusive updates.

In the meantime, we’re taking a look back at last year’s event, ClimaCon 2021, to reflect on the most impactful insights from speakers like Alex Hanold, Ginger Zee, and more. Whether you missed it or just need a refresher, here are our top takeaways from last year’s conference:

Each of us has a personal responsibility to stay informed on daily weather events

While it may seem like more of a nice-to-have piece of information before you leave your house, the weather forecast impacts more than just our apparel.

During her keynote speech, ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee explained that too many of us often remain ignorant to the weather around us despite having technology within arm’s reach.

Not knowing what to expect can leave us vulnerable to personal danger and injury. Check out the clip for more.


Climate resilience must be part of every enterprise strategy

Ford may be best known for its reliable American-made cars and trucks, but the company is also a leader in sustainability.

During ClimaCon 2021, Head of Partnerships at Ford Sai Yagnyamurthy discussed the importance of incorporating weather into Ford’s overall operations. Watch the clip below and learn about how Ford is using to improve urban air quality with hybrid-electric vehicles.

Empathy and collaboration are must-haves for global climate action

Many of us overlook the challenges and complications that those on the frontlines of climate change encounter. Catherine Naakalembe, the Africa Director for NASA Harvest, joined Jenny Reed, Climate Adaption Advisor at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in a ClimaCon 2021 panel discussion on the importance of climate adaptation for industries like agriculture.

Watch the clip below to learn why an empathetic approach is key.

Agile cities differentiate through data

Weather intelligence isn’t just for enterprise businesses. Itai Dadon, the Global Head of Smart Cities, Itron, explained during ClimaCon 2021 that the most efficient cities in the world are focused on digital transformation through comprehensive data collection and actionable intelligence.

This can include both real-time and forecasted weather data, but more than anything, it reflects the ability to make proactive decisions ahead of events. Learn more in the clip.

Weather-related events can no longer simply be tolerated

Before industries were introduced to technology like’s climate security intelligence platform, businesses often saw weather-related losses as unavoidable. Brant Ring, CEO of ITS ConGlobal, shared how the global supply chain, for example, can no longer simply explain these events away without tapping into resources like

Watch the clip to learn more and then see how ITS ConGlobal leverages overall to optimize their operations.


Ready for more climate insights? These takeaways are just the beginning! Rewatch all sessions from ClimaCon2021 here.

Then, be sure to register for ClimaCon 2022 to stay up-to-date on what’s next.

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