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Ruth Favela
By Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela is's AI Marketer. She draws on over 5 years of experience as an editor, writer, and social media manager for AI startups, B2B SaaS, and B2C products. In her role, Ruth focuses on using AI tools to create customer-first content for the various industries has solutions for. She writes about weather innovations, AI/ML modeling, weather API applications, weather AI use cases, and much more.
Feb 7, 2024· 2 min, 51 sec

Leading Weather Innovation:’s Impactful Presence at AMS 2024

AMS 2024 was one for the books! was an exhibitor at the American Meteorological Society’s 104th annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, January 29 – February 1.

Members from our weather and science teams gave 15+ presentations on everything from our use of AI to updates on our first-of-its-kind constellation.

AMS was an opportunity to meet with the weather science community at large, connect with partners, and learn about updates in the weather and climate world. This year, the goal of the conference was to leverage the society’s collective strengths so that our broad community can define the steps and scientific advances necessary to minimize the impacts of climate change, and to engage policy makers and the public in that work. is proud to have been a contributor to these efforts, and we were thrilled to hear from conference attendees as well:

‎Behind The Scenes at AMS Presentation Highlights

AMS was a significant milestone for where we showcased our efforts in AI and Machine Learning, presented updates to our global weather forecasting, and announced the unprecedented accuracy of our radar satellite data .

At, we believe in leveraging the power of AI and ML to transform weather forecasting. Our presentations at AMS 2024 detailed how these technologies are being integrated into our systems to predict weather patterns more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Our AI models have been meticulously trained on proprietary datasets and publicly available data, enabling them to analyze and predict weather with unprecedented precision. This approach not only enhances forecast accuracy but also significantly reduces the time needed to generate forecasts, making real-time weather data more accessible and actionable.

Hear from our team about their exciting presentations:

A few highlights include:

Making the Most of AMS 2024

The American Met Society’s annual meeting was an exhilarating experience, providing us with the opportunity to engage with the meteorological community and share our vision for the future of weather forecasting. is proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation in meteorology, and we are committed to continuing our work in developing solutions that address the challenges posed by a changing climate.

As we move forward, will remain dedicated to harnessing the power of AI/ML, space technology, and our satellite constellation to revolutionize weather forecasting. Our goal is to make accurate weather information more accessible, helping communities and businesses around the world better prepare for and respond to weather-related events.

Thank you to AMS and the entire meteorological community for a successful and inspiring conference.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in weather forecasting!

Learn more about’s space updates today:

See in Action!

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