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Shimon Elkabetz
By Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz is the Co-founder and CEO of (formerly ClimaCell). He served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years where he experienced multiple near-death weather-related experiences - stoking a deep fascination with weather. He holds a BA in economics from Ben Gurion University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
Dec 28, 2021· 1 min, 56 sec’s 2021 Year in Review had an eventful 2021 full of major weather intelligence innovation. See what's next for 2022.

The past 12 months have been a whirlwind here at, but let’s start with what happened in the world. In addition to another year of the pandemic, we saw what felt like weekly $100 billion global disasters including the Texas freeze, the Suez Canal closure, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, air pollution, and more.  

 But this is not a note of doom and gloom – rather of hope and encouragement.

Weather and climate security has rapidly become the new cyber security as we enter 2022. Every person, government and business on earth is understanding the critical need to have systems in place for mitigation and adaptation against the daily impact of weather – and this is exactly what we are solving here at as the world’s only weather and climate security platform. 

Thank you to our incredible team members, customers and partners for helping drive our relentless focus on innovation.  We are just getting started.’s 2021 announcements and highlights include:

  • Jan: Planted 5,000 trees with the One Tree Planted organization as part of our commitment to sustainability
  • Feb: Announced that we will be sending our own satellites equipped with radar to space to revolutionize weather forecasting speed and accuracy for the planet
  • Mar: Raised $77 million Series D funding and changed our company name from ClimaCell to
  • Apr: Hosted the second annual weather intelligence conference, ClimaCon, with speakers from the NFL, JetBlue, Raytheon, NASA, Ford, and more
  • May: Unveiled our ESG platform for mitigation and climate resiliency 
  • June: Experts from NASA, NOAA, and academia highlighted the monumental impact of our satellites in space for oceans, flooding, hurricanes and more
  • July: Testified before Congress on how to solve for heatwaves, extreme weather, and climate risk
  • Aug: Launched new global flood risk index for cities and businesses 
  • Sep: U.S. Air Force signed $20 million contract with for better weather and climate intelligence 
  • Oct: Selected in partnership with Raytheon by NOAA to rebuild core data infrastructure as part of NOAA’s EPIC program
  • Nov: Launched the world’s first weather and climate security platform 
  • Dec: Announced plans to go public in 2022 at a $1.2 billion valuation 

Thank you for being incredible partners focused on the most important climate adaptation issues facing our planet. Happy Holidays!  Expect much more from in 2022 as we continue helping you take control of tomorrow, today.

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