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Oct 5, 2023· 2 min, 47 sec

The Weather API Scholarship: Project Submissions

The Weather API Scholarship generated an incredible array of innovative projects from talented students across the globe. 

We received a number of applications from students at top universities, including Duke University, MIT, and UCLA

We were blown away by the creativity, technical skills, and real-world applications on display. While there could only be one scholarship winner, we wanted to highlight all of the outstanding submissions we received. 

Let’s review these amazing projects and see what real-world weather API applications exist and the solutions people are building out for them. 

Gaia: Using Mother Nature On the Battlefield

This year’s winning project is “Gaia” by James Slattery, MBA student at UChicago, which aims to serve as an analysis tool to allow commanders to rapidly evaluate all the weather implications of an upcoming battle or operation within the United States Marine Corps. 

According to James, “This project is at the intersection of using weather data to save lives (and take them) and Generative AI as an analysis agent. It leverages the latest technologies and prompt engineering for data analysis while providing raw data in an easy-to-use interactive graph.” 

Check out his demo below to learn more about his project. 

Leveraging for Solar Racing

In the world of solar racing, where innovation and precision are paramount, having access to real-time and accurate weather data can make all the difference. 

Students at ANU Solar Racing at the Australian National University utilized the Weather API to leverage crucial weather information for solar racing data. 

According to ANU Solar Racing, “This data is essential for the solar racing software team to accurately predict the vehicle’s speed, power consumption, and overall performance during their race on the Bridgestone World Solar Challange (BWSC). This is a 3022km race through the Australian outback, from Darwin to Adelaide, that must be made entirely on solar power.”

By integrating the API, the team can make data-driven decisions that optimize the solar vehicle’s performance under any weather condition.

Check out the ANU Solar Racing project to learn more.

Find Your Climate

Last on our list of notable Weather API Scholarship submissions is “Find Your Climate” by Aengus Patterson

“Find Your Climate” is an application that tells you what country has a climate most similar to your local weather. You input your zip code, city, or state, and the app presents you with a location in the world that offers a climate similar to your current location. 

When I input Salt Lake City, UT, I was given the country of Malaysia, “Your selected country is Malaysia because your temperature is Average, and the humidity is High Humidity. Plus, your precipitation is currently Low Precipitation.” 


We were amazed by how students took the weather API to use weather data and put it to work solving real problems in defense, racing, and climate selection. 

The Weather API Scholarship gave us a glimpse into the next generation of innovators who will drive change through technology.

Thank you to all the participants for the passion, effort, and talent you brought to this hackathon. 

Keep developing your skills and ideas. 

And if you’re interested in leveraging robust weather data for your project, try our weather API  for free today.

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